1. my other new nieghbors

    Date: 6/15/2017, Categories: First Time, Masturbation, Voyeur, Author: philly789, Source: xHamster

    after my friend from the church moved to a condo in a nearby city her apartment was vacant, About a month later an Asian couple moved in they were in late 20's I guessed and both were good looking ,well she was very good looking small maybe 5 foot tall and 100 lbs if that and cute . She ended up taking the parking spot next to mine under the carport. Soon we met getting to our cars and talked briefly about our selfs and then headed out. I didn't meet him for a few weeks but that wasn't a problem she was the one I was interested in ,she had a smile that was unbelieveable and melted my inhibitions when we talked. I had a door wall over looking our cars on the 2nd floor and I would see her leave for work about 7:30 each morning. summer was just beginning and temps were warming up so it was common to leave windows open and in my case the door wall. I watched her for a couple of weeks going to work each day and saw that she did sit for a few minutes in her car and looked around as it warmed up. She did look up to my window and me being a big exhibitionist got very turned on but she was 20 years younger than I was so I didn't go nude in the window. when it got into summer I would go to the pool to relax and tan most days. I layed out in a thong with my ass naked to the world the female manager of the complex did like seeing me at the pool she said her husband spent years looking at the women at the pool and now it was her turn to enjoy something. I lioked the freedom and would ... lay out early in the day when it was mostly women ,I loved it. A few weeks later on a Sunday morning the Asian couple came down to the pool and we were the only people there and they asked if I minded if they sat next to me ,I was fine with it and watched them sit down she next to me . I was laying on my back and soon rolled over and they relized I had a thong ang giggled so I asked if I was too open for them .they laughed and he said no his wife liked my boldness and I was fine I realy liked her looking at my body and ass it turned me on that her husband didn't care. I began to leave the blinds wide open in the mornings and she did notice it and I would walk around in under ware which I'm sure she did see me , after a few times of her seeing me I was extremely turned on and felt like going around nude so I could let her see my cock too. After the lady from the church moved I was left with a dull routine in my life so a little excitement was just what I needed . The next day I was nude and did turn the lights on and d****s open all the way so she would be able to see in easily. I stood on the phone near the doorwall about the time she should leave and I was so excited I even had a simi hard dick which was fine for me. She finally left I heard her door close across the hall so I knew she would be walking to her car and I walked over to the open window and stood there pretending not to see her walk out.I was looking but not directly and she was looking and it was impossible she ...