1. My Gloryhole Experiences

    Date: 6/16/2017, Categories: Fetish, First Time, Gay, Author: onestory, Source: xHamster

    My first gloryhole experience was when i was 18....i was at the horse track on a wednesday night. It was a slow night. I have gone to my hidden smoking spot and took a few hits off my pipe. Before hitting the bathroom to take a crap. As im sitting in this bathroom out in back of the track. Someone came in. Im sitting there on reading the book for the next race. And a guy come into the stall mext to me. I can see a whole in the wall between us it was filled with tp. I peek through and can see this thick cock not to long but thick. He pokes his cock through the whole and slip a 20 through and asks for a bj. I take the twenty and grab his dick in my hand. And slowly start to rub his thick cock and begin twirl my tongue on his head. I can hear him moan as i pop his head in my mouth and work down his shaft till mmy lips hit the wall. I sucked on his head so good and rubbed his cock. He was so thick it was tough to get him in my mouth for long. I slowly slide his thick cock deeper and deeper in my mouth he begins to fuck my face. Hitting the back of my throat. Im sucking his dick so good and fast as hes fucking my mouth i can hear his balls smacking against the wall. He moans and grunts so loud as he shoots a giant load in my mouth making it spurt out on the wall and all over my cheeks. I clean up his dick so good for him and work on his head some more as he pulls his cock out. I did a good job he gives me a fifty for a &#034tip&#034 After that i was hooked. I just had to find ... another gloryhole somewhere. Ive come back but nothing ever happened so i decided to start making my own spots. There was this park up by the ymca and sports. A nice wooded area with a few bathrooms. I went in a carved out a nice sized hole in the wall between the two stalls. I wrote a note on both sides. And came back a week later. Brought a water with me and small fan it got hot. I sat there waiting and waiting. Someone finally came in. He gets in the stall next to me. And pokes his finger through and asks if im there. I say yes. he tells me hes been waiting all week. Hasnt cummed at all. I stick my tongue throuhgh the hole and he pulls his.cock out and pushes it.in tthe whole. Omg this guy is huge. Hes not even hard and hes a good 6 inches. I slide his cock in my mouth and go balls deep on him. And rubs his cock.with my hand as i slide my tomgue up.and down his shaft. Getting him fucking throbbing hard. Hard hes almost ten inches. I grab ahold of his cock and wrap my lips around his head and blow it like a lollipop. Im sucking the fuck out of his head and rubbing his cock. His head is throbbing swollen witb excitement. I slide his huge dick further in my mouth. I began bobbing my head up and down on his dick as im rubbing it too. Hes begging me to get his dick deeper. I grab ahold of the bottom of the wall. And pull his cock in as deep as i could gaging on it i get a good 8 inches in. Im sucking his dick so good amd fast and rubbing his dick. He moans so loud and his cock ...