1. The Banquet, the panties,the Agent, the wife

    Date: 6/16/2017, Categories: First Time, Mature, Voyeur, Author: morepantiesplease, Source: xHamster

    My wife just seemed so distracted that Friday when she came home from work. To be honest... she had seemed increasingly distracted for the past few months... but that Friday.... wow it was obvious. Friday nights are usually our date nights. Pizza and beer are the standard go-to's and off we went to our favorite place. I asked her several times that night if everything was OK and she always responded yes. ...but I knew something was on her mind. Trying to spark some kind of conversation I asked if it wasn't getting close to that time of year for the “Agents Reception” My wife works in a highly specialized area of insurance as an agent rep. She makes sure all of their commissions are accurate and on time. She works with 46 major agencies and spends most her time on the phone with each of them just to keep all her bases covered. She is a huge people person and has helped keep heads straight when things go wrong. The Agents Reception is a yearly event put on by the parent company just to say thank you and recognize some of the successes in the field. It starts with a f****y picnic then a golf tourney and ends with a high end awards banquet. Even though the spouses of the agents are invited I am not. Since I've been hanging with my wife I normally order up a pizza and watch a movie that night. The banquet seldom runs longer than three hours and she is home by 9:30 – 10 PM. What I asked did grab her attention and caused her to stumble with her words. “Yes...it's about a month away” ... she answered with a thin voice. I had to ask... “are you OK? I mean really... is everything good?” “Yes...I'm fine, just a bit distracted?” Yeah... she got that right. We headed home and she headed to bed almost right away. Now THAT is sign of something that is eating away at her head. I tried the next day to see if I could pull out of her what was bothering her but she insisted that it was all good. The next few weeks things got even worse. Normally during the work day she and I email back and forth a dozen times or more but even those narrowed down to maybe three. I figured that she would ultimately snap out of it. Every time I talked to her about it she clammed up. The strangest part? It was now weeks since we had made love. The Friday of the banquet came and she stayed home from work. That was very odd. With at least 20 of her agents in town she traditionally spent that whole day with meetings and discussions. But that day she was home... she went for a run... did some yard work...and avoided me. Finally she came to the point in the day to get ready for the evening. She laid out her dress for the night on the bed...put out some shoes...a lacy satin bra and panties?..... hmm-mm I didn't see any panties. I walked around the bottom of the bed and noticed that sticking out under the dress was a pair of Secrets in Lace, full cut satin panties. The ones I had gotten for her. Here's my take on those panties.. they're made for three things: Showing, touching, removing. As far as ...