1. The After Seeding A second wave (5)

    Date: 6/16/2017, Categories: Science-Fiction, Alien, Consensual Sex, Death, Straight Sex, Masturbation, Pregnant, Violence, Author: pars001, Source: sexstories.com

    The After Seeding A second wave (5) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John, Mitch, Helen, Millie and little Mica were all somewhat worried though it had been 2 weeks, they knew that a major confrontation wasn't far away. John had been through all of the 6 oldest daughters, 3 had turned up pregnant surprisingly Ava, Canella and Elly the first 3 hadn't even blasting and filling Elly twice in the same day. Glory, Ida and Kelly had (though they were wanting their second turn) all would have had a second try had it not been for Glory being gone for over a week. Then come to find out that she was STILL a virgin a fact that shocked all her sisters since she had been the second most vocal about wanting John. Thankfully though, the 1 time with Canella and twice in one day with Elly, had flooded Trey's system with more than enough hormones to sustain him better through the week John though was still in shock worried that these other children would be like Mica. "No John, Mica was accelerated through both of you and the over abundance of the nanomite system in place," Helen said to reassure him, "though they will be brilliant many, many years ahead of any other children." This made John feel a hundred times better knowing that his sisters-in-laws wouldn't have the babies talking to them scaring them half to death. The only thing left now was the fact that they had 8 homicidal aliens heading for their planet and ... god only knew when they'd arrive. Trey had finally spoken to John allaying any of his fears that Trey was in danger, it seemed Trey was having an even harder time adjusting than any of the first three had. Trey had liked the idea that John had come up with, something he'd thought of centuries ago but hadn't put into practical application because the situation though the same had been very different. Mitch had increased to about a 16 year old now Helen about equivalent to a 10 year old physically, Mitch's powers were greatly strengthened but he was afraid that he'd still be no match for the sun killer as he called him. John's abilities had also increased, Mitch was surprised that John was as strong as he'd been when he'd met the sun killer all those centuries ago. John to say the least was exhausted, plus he had harvest again a week before Trey was due. The second of the two weeks John and Barry had struggled to build the machine Trey outlined to Mitch, Trey tsking that the machine wasn't that hard to build. Helen had gone back to watch the others while they worked on it. With Mitch's increase in power he could make the trip in a minute so this really wasn't a problem. Toward the end of the second week they almost had it together when both Mitch and John felt the powerful presence of 2 more Triacarians fast approaching the planet, Mitch estimated that they had 3 days at the most. John had been hard at work on the farm and learning the strategies that Mitch was trying to teach ...