1. CATHLEEN. PART 4 . by special request

    Date: 6/16/2017, Categories: Anal, Lesbian Sex, Mature, Author: mib14, Source: xHamster

    CATHLEEN. PART 4. By special request. It was Colleen who had delivered the message herself. After she put the note on my desk, she bent down and whispered in my ear “I miss you”. Even though it was not loud enough to be heard by my neighbours, it was a dangerous and crazy thing to do. I gave her a frozen smile. The other female clerks suspected what was going on but they couldn’t do anything, especially since I didn’t receive any special treatment or rise in salary. The note said to call Alanis. At break, I used a phone in an empty office. Alanis just said Helen wanted to see me badly and gave me a place and time. The following Friday evening, I was going by cab to a part of town totally foreign to me. The houses were quite posh and separate from each other, not like the row houses I was used to. This house had two floors and looked like a small hotel. Helen greeted me at the door. “I usually have a maid, but I gave her the evening off”, she said, apologizing for opening the door herself. I knew I was in another world. It was late fall and I wore a light coat. She took it and hung it near the entrance. There was a light in the living room and that’s where she had been waiting for me. The rest of the house was in darkness. I could see her face clearly as she lit a lamp and took me by the hand. We walked upstairs, guided only by the oil lamp Helen was carrying. She wore a long dress, which looked dark blue, but I wasn’t sure of the colour. I only noticed it was buttoned in the ... front and that the part halfway down her thighs was not buttoned up. I had chosen to wear my work clothes, blouse and skirt, which was a look she hadn’t seen before. We reached the second floor and she led me to a room which was empty of any furniture. Actually she put the lamp on the only dresser in the room. It had hardwood floors and a barre which followed most of the far wall. I had seen enough movies to know that this was a ballet rehearsal room. “Undress please except for your panties”, she asked in that tone which was very special to her. At the same time authoritarian and pleading, it reminded me of a conscientious teacher. “I gave ballet classes here”, she confirmed. She unbuttoned the rest of her dress, folded it and put it on the dresser. She was totally naked except for a very small thong which barely covered her black pubic triangle. When I stood there in my panties, she approached me in semi-darkness. “I’ll be right back”, she whispered She walked briskly across the dark room and opened the door of a closet. She still walked as if she was about to spin around on the tip of her toes. She came back with something which was pink. They were two tutus. She gave me one which I adjusted around my waist. She put on the other, showing her lovely long legs. “I forgot to tell you I shaved”, I announced “Your legs ?”, she asked “No…my pubic area”, I answered “Oh…it will be probably useful later”, she said not finding the whole topic important. We continued to dress up. We ...