1. My Girlfriend Slave

    Date: 6/16/2017, Categories: Fiction, Ass to mouth, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Fisting, Humiliation, Male Domination, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Pegging, Slavery, Spanking, Toys, Written by women, Author: candycough, Source: sexstories.com

    Well this is my first story and some advice would be appreciated. To give you an idea and I a 19 year old girl from Wales. I am 5'8 and a good body. I have long brown hair and grey eyes. I have 36DD boobs and a nice perky bum. This is my story... I wake up in a daze and I feel something tight around my neck. My hand goes to reach up to feel what it is and I realise my hands are tied down. I start to panic and I look around and cant find you. I go to pick my head up and figure out that something is holding my head down. I’m led there for what feels like hours. I look over to the clock and it's 10:30. All of a sudden you walk through the bedroom door and have a dirty grin on your face. I ask you what the fuck have you done to me and you laugh making me more angry that you not answered my question. You walk over to me and grab my face and tell me I’m going to experience something I have never felt before in my life. I have a worried look on my face. You walk around me checking all my restraints are tight to the point where I can not move in the slightest possible way. I realise my legs are not tied up so I start kicking in a panicked state! You hold my legs down and separate them with a spreader bar. You spread them to the point where it hurts. You put your face so close to mine and start to tell me bit by bit what your going to do to me knowing it will turn me on. You can tell its working and you roughly insert two fingers into my tight wet pussy. I shriek in pleasure with a ... slight pang of pain from the roughness. You laugh a dirty laugh and tell me you've not started with me yet! You remove your fingers and wipe your fingers along my lips spreading my juices. You tell me you want to watch me lick it all off and then lick the rest of the juices off your fingers. I tell you to fuck off and untie me. You laugh and say the word 'slave'. I close my eyes and take a deep breath in and give you a forced smile. You run your fingers down my body, down to my ankles. You start giving me slow sensual kisses up my leg to my groin. You go real close to my clit knowing it would drive me insane. You gradually kiss up my body to my boobs and start sucking my nipple. I start to enjoy it and you suddenly bite down on it hard and it makes me scream. You look up at me and laugh through your gritted teeth. You loose go and kiss me firmly on the lips. You tell me that your not going to know what’s hit you. You squat over my face and before you lower your self you say to me 'I want you to lick my ass. I cant move any way so you lower your self onto my face and I start licking your ass with all my worth. You hold my nose for a few seconds and you tell me you will keep that for later. I am still licking your ass and I can see your cock is growing. You slowly start stroking it. I have never seen it so big before. You get to the point of cuming and you get off and shoot your load all over my face. You look at me and you can tell I don't like it. You use your little finger to ...