1. Lisa’s New Role Part III

    Date: 6/16/2017, Categories: Anal, Interracial Sex, Lesbian Sex, Author: nopenguins, Source: xHamster

    torturing the poor girl stood up and stripped. Lisa looked over at Lydia’s massive black cock and her lust filled mind could not make sense of it unless Lydia was a......... You are a transsexual, she gasped?? Yep, said Lydia! Spun Lisa around on the bed, got between her legs and thrusting 5 or 6 times filled poor Lisa’s little pussy with 8 inches of thick black hard cock. Lisa came again in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Lydia thrust hard and deep over and over until Lisa thought you would lose her mind in pleasure when Lydia stopped and moved Lisa to her hands and knees and filled her again. Driving deeper and deeper. Lisa came again. Lydia moistened her thumb in the flow of juices from Lisa’s pussy and circled the rim of her ass. Lisa groaned. No! Not there! But the thumb popped in and Lisa came yet again. Lydia could feel her own thumb on her cock through Lisa’s body and she started to cum hard. Fucking Lisa as hard and fast as she could she came and came filling her pussy full. Lisa came one more time and passed out.