1. Early morning fun in a loo

    Date: 6/16/2017, Categories: Fetish, Gay, Taboo, Author: macosuma, Source: xHamster

    Some years ago around 7.30am on a summers morning I was travelling out towards Ilkley from Leeds. Passing through a small village I stopped off in the car park to use small toilets there. I had some fun there once or twice before hand. I parked up and noticed a van parked close to the toilet block and thought maybe I would be in luck. Got round to the door to fine some tape hanging off the door and a sign saying 'Painting in progress' A little disappointed I nevertheless brushed passed the tape and went in. A guy about 40ish in white painter overalls was working and he turned to look at me and said 'It's OK only just started so carry on' So there was a very small trough, enough for two at most, and one cubical. I couldn't use the trough because the guy had various cans and a ladder in front of it and also a large sheet of metal that had previously been screwed to the front of the cubical door. I went into the cubical. The sheet of metal had been used to cover up a large hole in the door. About 3'' x 5'' it was hard to miss. I slipped down my trousers etc and sat down. There wasn't much room and so the hole so was right in front and to the left of me. I sat for a bit kind of pretending when I saw he had edged closer to the cubical door. I think he was sanding the paintwork. I wondered.......he will obviously be aware of the hole. He stepped a little closer, still sanding and he was just the the right of the hole. A crafty look through and I could see a thick curved bulge ... hanging into the overalls from his crotch. I manoeuvred my cock upright and kept my face close-ish to the hole. Sure enough as he sanded away he stepped right in front of the hole and his tent like bulge was only inches away from the hole. Fuck I was excited. He knew, I knew, who would make the first move? I leaned forwards slightly so I was close to the hole, placing my mouth right next to the opening. Slowly his hand crept down and he undid three buttons letting his cock slip out. Oh boy what a cock. Thick and meaty, nice foreskin and glistening on the tip. He took a step forwards and his cock slid through the hole right into my mouth. I sucked and licked and worked on it for a minute or so when he pulled back adjusted his overalls to give himself more freedom and pushed back through. This time he eased his cock and his big heavy balls through the hole. As I sucked and licked his balls I could hear him moaning softly. I carried on sucking both his cock and balls and could and took my time savouring his lovely cock. Eventually I felt him getting tense so slowly edged him ever closer as he strained to get even more through. He was pressing hard against the hole when I felt his cock twitch and his come surged up his shaft and into my mouth. Several thick heavy spurts later my mouth was full of his semen and I had to swallow. Leaning back I placed my tongue at the base of his cock and squeezing it hard against the underside of his cock I licked in one line up to the tip. I heard him ...