1. Sin-Part 1

    Date: 6/16/2017, Categories: Fiction, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cheating, Cuckold, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Wife / MILF, Author: Alan Christopher, Source: sexstories.com

    Sin "Damn I look good!", Cindy said as she checked herself out in the mirror. "Yea, I'd fuck you, no beers, well maybe it'd take 2 or 3....", Her husband Jake said as he laughed. "Whatever, if it were up to you I'd be naked all the time, ready and in the bent over position!" "Not true, some times I like you on top. I mean you always tell me that's your favorite position.", he replied as he slapped her on the ass. Cindy really needed this night out, she had just lost her job due to cutbacks and hadn't been out with her girlfriend Carla in a long time. There was a time in their relationship where Jake would have been pissed about them going out to the club, but not anymore. They had worked through their issues and now have a great relationship again. Although he still wasn't wild about her hanging out with Carla due to her track record. Carla was married, but still acted like she was single by going clubbing and dancing all the time. Through Cindy he knew of at least 3 times that she had cheated on her husband Thad, not that he could blame her since the guy was some computer geek with no sex drive, but still it didn't change the fact that Jake saw her as a bad influence. Besides he did trust Cindy, well as long as she wasn't drinking anyway. There was an incident or two in the past where Cindy got drunk and made some bad decisions, the plain and simple truth was that when Cindy got drunk she turned into a whore. Now Jake wasn't much better and he knew that too, so that's why ... they agreed a long time ago that they only drink when they were together. However tonight he encouraged her to have a couple beers to relax a bit. He figured that she deserved it after the week she had, besides, he knew when she got home she'd be a fucking animal in the sack so he couldn't wait. "Here you go Sin.", Jake said as he handed her a Bud Light as she was finishing her make up. "Thanks!", She said as she took it from him and took a quick drink without thinking. "Wait, are you sure you don't care?" "Na, I trust you, I just want you to have fun tonight. 1 or 2 beers won't kill you. Just help loosen you up a little bit so you two can have fun dancing tonight. 1 here, 2 at the club, Im ok with that. Just make sure you milk them out a little, dont pound them, and no more than two once you hit the club, deal?" He asked with a smile and a kiss on her forehead. "Deal, but you know how I get.....", she trailed off and then smirked as she grabbed his cock through his jeans and squeezed. "Don't blame me if I'm blowing guys in the bathroom stahls or giving handjobs under the tables. What if Im dancing with Carla and some hot guys come up and start dancing with us? I might not be able to tell them to leave.I get all this beer in me and you're not there I might be tempted to let them take me out to the parking lot and fuck me like a dirty whore. What would you think about that?", she asked as she took another drink. Jake started laughing, "Well, I'd probably be ok with the dancing ...