1. Harry Potter NR.4

    Date: 6/16/2017, Categories: Fiction, Fan fiction, Author: zimbi, Source: sexstories.com

    Chapter Sixteen – Godric's Hollow Harry arrived in the receiving room and said hello to Andrew. They were chatting away when the door opened and Mattie walked in. "Excuse me Andrew, I believe the most important girl in my life just walked in and I had better cut it short so I stay on her good side" Harry said turning to Mattie smiling. "Mattie, you are a sight for sore eyes. If we had not had our monthly meetings like we did I do not think I could have made it. It is always nice to return home to my family." "You are turning into quite the charmer, Harry. Have you been practicing on all those pretty girls at Hogwarts?" asked Mattie. "I wish. I may have grown exponentially knowledge wise this school year, but figuring out how girls work has somehow escaped me. I'm afraid I am just as hopeless as I ever was regarding that subject." "No worries young master Harry. We will just have to keep you to ourselves a while longer then." "Nothing would please me more Mattie. I have plenty of time in my future for socializing with girls. Right now I need some of Leru's cooking, some time with Simon, Grandpa, and Grandma and let's not forget Rolly." "Certainly not! Jojo has reported to me that Rolly has been pining for you something awful. I think it best if you go see him as soon as you get settled. I would offer to take your things but you seem to be missing them. I also noticed that Hedwig showed up earlier so I thought I would see you a lot sooner." "Oh, that's right. I sent Hedwig ... along so she did not have to ride on the train. I rode it to be with my friends and so I could invite their parents for next weekend. I thought they might enjoy that. It looks like the Weasleys and the Grangers may be joining us along with their kids." "Excellent Harry! The elves will be quite pleased to have guests again. Do you need me to help you get settled?" "No, I'll be fine. I have what I need shrunk down and in my pockets. I will go and drop them off in my bedroom, change my clothes, and then go see Rolly while there is still plenty of daylight left." "Okay Harry, I will let you know when Leru has dinner ready. Welcome Home!" "Thank you Mattie. It is good to be here, even if it is only for a week. See you in a bit." Harry went to his room, said hello to Hedwig, and changed into some blue jeans, a flannel shirt, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. He told Hedwig that he was going to ride Rolly and she could join them outside if she wanted. Hedwig hooted letting him know she would think about it after she finished her nap. She had just flown all the way from Hogwarts after all and would likely need to go hunting after dark. Harry did not understand all that but when he saw Hedwig doze back off he got the gist of it, chuckled, and went on his way. Striding out to the corrals, Harry climbed up on the fence and began looking around for Rolly. Harry had missed last month's visit due to being busy, plus he knew he would be here for a week this month so it was not that big a deal to ...