1. White Man Fucks my Muslim Arab Mother

    Date: 6/16/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Interracial Sex, Voyeur, Author: WhiteCockWorship, Source: xHamster

    Story by Alhena It was a hot Saturday afternoon in Dublin Ireland where I had just finished doing some yard work at my mom's house. My name is Muhammad and I am 24 years old jobless and living with my mom. I was born in Ireland, but my parents were born in Saudi Arabia, where we moved from the area full of turmoil. However my father would often return to Saudi Arabia to make things better supposedly. This led to him being killed 3 years ago. The f****y was just me and my beautiful mother Fatma. His death really made me depressed over the years, however it did not seem to affect her. He was strict in following Islamic dogma in oppressing women. So maybe she felt more free now that his Sharia ideals weren't as strongly imposed now. However, I still followed the strict dogma itself, so I would often talk down to her when she violated the teachings. This caused alot of tension, but she should know that Islam keeps women opressed for a good reason. &#034Muhammad, the repair man will be here shortly&#034 she said. She had apparently been experiencing some leaky faucets the past week so she had called someone out to fix it. &#034Alright&#034 I said in a nonchalant manner looking at her. She always wore a hijab and a traditional Muslim dress. However today she was wearing a hot pink hijab and tight black yoga pants and a long sleave t-shirt. She was almost dressed like some college slut. I glared at her when I saw this since she knew I greatly disapproved of this haram way of ... dressing. As I glared at her for a few seconds my attention was broken by the sound of the doorbell. She quickly brokke my gaze and ran to the door where she greeted a large muscular pale man with a head of short ginger hair and a red 20's era mustache. You must be Fatma he said with a big smile to my mother. She was taken aback by how handsome this man was.&#034Oh...yes I am,&#034 she said as if she was surprised by his presence. &#034can I interest you in some juice?&#034 &#034Yeah, sounds good.&#034 he said looking at the inside of the house as my mom rushed into the kitchen. &#034How's it going? I'm Seamus&#034 he said noticing my presence for the first time. &#034Pretty good&#034 I said turning back to the television, giving him the cold shoulder. &#034Jesus Christ, what the hell is that smell?&#034 he said rudely as my mom walked out of the kitchen carrying his glass. &#034Oh that is just our kebab.&#034 &#034Gah I fuckin hate kebab.&#034 he said in an extremely insulting fashion. Kebab being one of my families favorite foods. &#034Yeah I hate it too&#034 she said, completely insulting our f****y, culture, and father just to show off to this white man. Absolutely pathetic. I was going to get up and berate her, but this guy was huge so I decided I would do it later. After 5 minutes of them talking, she flirtatiously glanced at him. &#034So let me show you my plumbing&#034 she said jokingly. &#034Lead the way&#034 he said as he followed her. “He's gonna fix the problem&#034 she ...