1. Sleazy Satanic Cult - 1

    Date: 6/16/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Authoritarian, Gay, Male Domination, Author: Apocryphus, Source: sexstories.com

    Aye, it was here that A. was taken hostage and made to forget his previous life forever. At the abandoned factory he was taken by three guys who had been watching his every move both online and in the real world; they are part of a secret cult who convert chosen boys with a gift that they will carry for the rest of their lives. Until now A. did not know he was being watched, for he had been living a discrete life, born to devout parents. Since living from them afar in a town up north, he was given the freedom to roam and explore himself. With encounters through various men his appetite grew; with more pleasure did his sleaziness grew. On some nights A. would walk through town and traverse through that abandoned factory which had no street lights whatsoever. Opium and camomile would sometimes grow there, and so too, danger. This did not worry A.; but even though the dangers were wild with biker gangs and vagabonds being in the area, it did not put off A. at all. In truth, he loved the danger, and now he was getting some for real. Just under one of the towers, A. closed his eyes to test his courage in this god-forsaken place. Just five seconds, and even the slightest step would alert him to open wide. Not one minute later as he was casually walking towards the exit of that place, a man guarded the way out. He was wearing all black; he was tall even. But clearly he was more intimidating than A.. The poor boy shrieked upon seeing him and immediately turned around, only to find ... two other men walking from either side of A. creeping towards him. Like wolves that suddenly shadowed them in the night thus crawled and breathed heavily around A. which aroused feelings of pleasure and fright in him almost instantly. He knew at this point his life will end. So much his heart was beating fast. “Who are you people?” A. asked. “Shut the fuck up, faggot! We’re here for you.” The man who was guarding the exit was now guarding A.’s. It was more an entrance than anything. A. was shocked to find this bigger and more violent man was already rubbing his arse with his rough, coarse hand. The other hand was around A.’s soft, smooth neck whose nape the man bit so well that the poor boy fell to all fours groaning. Shouting for help, the second man wrapped his hand around his mouth, and with the other shoved two fingers down to choke him. By this time, the exiteer was atop A.. The only sight available to him was the full moon, and soon his sight was blurred by the spit that both these men had uttered unto him with pride on their shoulders at having found new bait to arrest in pursuit of their dark pleasures. The leader of the three had grinned ever so, but was wild with a bulge that appeared ridiculously huge for even A. to comprehend as real. Somehow it was the first sight to beam himself at; for such a vision that erupted in all haste at such a short time. Those clouds sooner or later blocked the moon’s light and thus the night became darker, and so have all three of these ...