1. The Kennedys, 1.4: Co-ed Axe-murderer

    Date: 6/17/2017, Categories: Fiction, Anal, Group Sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Spanking, Group Sex, Author: tonybs, Source: sexstories.com

    Kiki ran through the woods, stumbled and looked back in terror. Advancing steadily down the path behind her was Dee wielding the bloody axe. The axe that had already dispatched Kiki's husband and sister. Kiki got up, started forward, tripped over a tree root and went sprawling on the forest floor. Dee's inexorable advance caught her up to Kiki, as Kiki rose to her knees. Kiki's shirt had been ripped in her fall, allowing her boobs to hang free. She looked up, terror in her eyes, as Dee raised the axe above her head to strike. In a last desperate effort to escape, Kiki ripped off Dee's miniskirt, showing Dee's naked, bald pussy, then dove in face first to the exposed pussy. "I like this bit." Said Dee, in her incredibly sexy British accent. She was sitting next to me as we watched the action unfold on the TV screen in front of us. We were watching "Cherry Falls III: Co-ed Axe-murderer," Dee was playing the lead of the axe-murderer. Kiki didn't say anything, she was kneeling naked on the floor in front of us. My dick was in her mouth and with one hand she was fingering Dee's pussy. The action onscreen continued. Dee paused with the axe held high over her head. The camera zoomed in on Kiki licking at Dee's pussy. Dee's knees trembled, slowly she lowered the axe, then she crumpled in slow motion, ending up on her back. All through that, Kiki's face was buried in Dee's pussy, her rear end high in the air, so her miniskirt fell down around her hips, revealing her naked nether ... regions. Again, the camera zoomed in on Kiki's treatment of Dee's pussy, Dee moaned and writhed in ecstasy. Another close-up showed Kiki's hands reaching for the buttons on Dee's top. One by one, the buttons were popped and Dee's naked boobs were revealed, and she shuddered and screamed, as her (faked) orgasm overtook her. Dee went limp, and Kiki looked up. Sensing a chance to escape, Kiki made to run off, stumbled again and her miniskirt caught on a branch, where it stayed as Kiki made off. The camera tracked Kiki as she ran down the path, naked except for the ripped shirt, and her boobs bounced freely in slow motion. Her boobs looked even sexier than usual bouncing free like that, it turned me on more. Dee's take was "Ouch! I bet that hurt." Kiki remained silent, as my dick was still in her mouth. The scene changeed and Kiki is talking to the Sheriff, "It's Maya, she's the axe-murderer." The Sheriff looked stunned, Maya, as played by Dee, was his daughter after all. None of the characters yet know that she was haunted by the ghost of the 'ThatNiceGuyWithAKnife' killer. Kiki continued, "She killed my husband and sister in our bed, and she caught me on the forest path, she almost had me, but I managed to, err …, distract her and escape." Dee interjected from next to me, "She's very distracting." Then moaned some as Kiki's fingers played on her pussy. "Very, very distracting." Was her comment as she flopped sideways onto the bed we were sitting on. Kiki was getting to her, she ...