1. My all time favorite story part3

    Date: 6/17/2017, Categories: First Time, Trans, Author: samcolt1911, Source: xHamster

    All credit to Julian0682 Ch. 03: Deep-Throat As Tonya got up to answer the door, Bailey uncuffed Julian, and he got up and stretched, and sat on the edge of the bed. He was still savoring the taste of cum from these two lovely trannies, when the door opened. A tall blonde beauty walked in, and leaned down to give Tonya a kiss. &#034Jenny, meet our cumslut,&#034 Tonya said, his softening cock dangling as he walked over to Julian and placed a hand on the back of his head, as if to show off a trophy. &#034Hello cumslut, I am Jenny. Tonya tells me that you love to suck cock,&#034 Jenny said as he walked over to Julian and Tonya, smiling that nasty smile. He continued, &#034I love a good sucking, and this was just too good to pass up.&#034 Jenny was super tall--probabaly eight inches taller than Julian. And he had large hands and feet--Julian knew what that meant. He was anxious to see what this tall shemale had to offer. He was wearing a golden skirt and top, with black stockings are heels. And Julian could see an outline that went down his leg--very exciting. After a quick rinse off in the shower, Bailey got dressed and was on his way, presumably to service other customers. Tonya, Jenny and Julian were relaxing on the second bed, and talking nasty about what this new cumslut might learn next. &#034I think you need a good deep-throating, and I'm the one to give it to you.&#034 Jenny said in a relaxed, sultry tone. This was getting Julian hard again, and they both were looking ... down at Julian's stiff cock. &#034Let's take care of this first,&#034 Tonya said as his left eyebrow raised. He reached down with his right hand, and gripped Julian's cock firmly. Julian twitched and sat up. Tonya grinned and lowered his grip on Julian to the base of his cock. He leaned down and took Julian in his mouth, to the hilt. Julian was so turned on by this sudden sucking, he knew he would be shooting his load in seconds. He leaned back, bracing himself on the bed with his two extended arms, and began to hump. Tonya was a good cocksucker, and he was sucking hard, going in and out on the entire length of Julian's cock. After just a few strokes, Julian's hips shot upward, and he began cumming into Tonya's mouth. &#034MMmmm Hmmm.. MMmm Hmmmm..&#034 Tonya said as he drained Julian mercilessly. He moved his head up and applied extreme suction on Julian's swollen head, and stroked the length of his cock. Julian was cumming and spasming uncontrollably, for what seemed like hours. As Tonya withdrew, he swallowed Julian's cum. &#034I like cum too,&#034 Tonya said as he winked at Jenny. They both smiled at each other, knowing that this was going to be a good time, as Julian laid back on the bed and exhaled heavily. &#034So, let's teach this cumslut how to deep-throat!&#034 Jenny said with a naughty grin. Julian, still in the afterglow of his powerful orgasm smiled. &#034Tell me, I will do it. I love cock and I will do anything for cum. I just love the taste!&#034 Julian said in a ...