1. The Domination of Jack

    Date: 6/17/2017, Categories: Gay, Author: Tuppie, Source: LushStories

    I’m only five foot five tall, and the thing that blows me away, is how many big men are turned-on by smaller guys. At clubs and bars I permanently feel like I am in a ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ fantasy, and to make matters worse, my name is Jack! I frequently have to make quick getaways when some oversized giant latches onto me, afraid of being in the clutches of one of these intimidating titans. ‘Pick on someone your own size,’ is what I always reason. Mostly, I am very successful with my avoidance tactics, however, one evening that simply did not work. I was attending a barbeque at a couple’s home on that occasion. Fourteen of the guys at the gathering were in relationships. The hosts, Alec and Doug, were good friends of mine, and I had also formerly met all the other couples. I was one of the ‘two single’s’ at the party, and the other ‘odd man’ arrived later with Tim and Bill. Lester, the mystery man, had moved to the city during that week and was staying with Tim and Bill, until his apartment became available in two weeks’ time. This trio were the last to arrive. Before they did so, however, I eyed Alec suspiciously, wondering if I was being set up on a blind date. Alec was an inveterate matchmaker, but he assured me that Lester’s appearance was an arbitrary happenstance, and I therefore had nothing to worry about. When the latecomers appeared, there was a hush in the room as all eyes focussed on Lester. Lester was massive! Not only was he six foot seven tall, but ... everything about him was huge. His feet, hands, head, and above all, his ears were enormous. Lester wasn’t overweight, but must have weighed close to three hundred pounds. If Lester had been a slighter guy one would have thought him good-looking, however, given the exaggerated size of all his features, they all appeared magnified. After introductions, my apprehension began to grow as it became clear that I was the limelight of Lester’s attention. All night an immense shadow countered my every move, examining me with a possessive gaze. A further worry was when he found out, that Tim and Bill literally lived around the corner from me. Later on that evening when I excused myself to use the toilet, the death knell came when Lester said, “Wait up, I’ll join you. I also need a piss.” Nervously, I made my way to the spacious guest toilet. When I suggested he use it first, he replied that the space was big enough to accommodate both of us. My heart began to thump as the door was bolted behind us. Moving to the left side of the bowl he gestured to me to join him on the opposite side. As I stood there with my heart in my mouth, Lester then unbuckled and unzipped, before allowing his pants to drop to the floor. Next, he pushed his scants down to his knees. As his torso lifted, I did not have to cast my eyes down too far to observe his knob. His dick was in keeping with the rest of his physique. It was totally magnificent, but obscenely large. As he toyed with his fleshy truncheon, he fixatedly ...