1. A prayer might be answered

    Date: 6/17/2017, Categories: Interracial Sex, Mature, Author: andrea0817, Source: xHamster

    The contract work on a drill-ship was too lucrative to pass up. Arrangements for my k**s was hard to setup. With so many Kristen needed help 7*24 and quality care is very hard to find. Pretty dull work but heavy skill and it paid off. Informed all computer connections are monitored. So I stayed away from this site. Got back Saturday and I've been hugging my babies ever since. No cock for a month. All work and no play makes Andie a bad girl. And Kristen is the best. She has basically turned invisible and given me an exclusive on Osei. As for Jay, he is gone to parts unknown. A month of no sex changes you. First night back I can't wait to suck Osei rock hard and jump on that beautiful 13&#034 licorice joy stick. While I'm taking as much of as possible he is laughing that I'm acting like a starving person. I guess I was. Then he says &#034You fuck me now or I cum down your throat&#034. I'm ready and dripping moist, I want his huge load puddling up inside me. I need this badly. With as few motions as necessary I jump up on his lap, smother him in my tits, position him and throw down looking to take all of him with one glorious stroke. Somewhere mid stroke I get this sharp pain in my pussy. Mouth open wide making a not too pleasant squeal I need to buck back up. I'm a trooper right? So I move back down on him, only this time slowly, very slowly. You must understand that I had my eyes welling up with tear from my first brave and greedy move. Eventually we both figure out his ... cockhead is trying to bust through my cervix. This is the best homecoming gift I could ask for! Since I gave birth, cervix penetration has been impossible where it used to be pretty normal for me. Only this time it really hurts, a lot. &#034Stay with me&#034 I tell him. I have him right there, I'm dealing with the discomfort while keeping firm a firm press. After what seemed like forever Osei hollers &#034YES&#034 as my muscle snaps tight below his glans. Unsure, I sit up, press both my palms hard against my tummy and continue to impale myself. As I take more of him I feel his the tip of his cock under my palms. Osei grips me tight, he rolls me over to me missionary while he is standing. With a little nudge I break into one long overdue vaginal orgasm. A too long absent and very much missed vaginal orgasm hits. He tells me later that for a moment I passed out. Being a gentleman he waited for me to return to normalcy. &#034Andi&#034 he says, &#034Maybe I give you a baby now?&#034 I chuckle &#034Yeah, tried that before, shooting blanks.&#034 I say. He smile broadly and says &#034New doctor, thinks he has a fix for me.&#034 I look lovingly into this mans eyes very aware this is my fertile time. We interlock our fingers, I bring my legs up behind his ass locking him in and sending a message. Osei is an older man, and yes I do have strong loving feelings towards him. And years back we did try this before on our Bermuda breeding trip. Maybe this time? And he strokes, and we kiss. Within ...