1. Full moon surprise

    Date: 6/17/2017, Categories: Trans, Author: capriccioso, Source: LushStories

    A low animal moan escaped her lips. She doubled up, trying to squeeze out the pain that came in waves in the pit of her stomach. Her long black hair cascaded onto her knees. She stood breathing hard like a racehorse that had run its race, nostrils flaring, black eyes opening wide with pain and then narrowing. Obsessively raking her lower lip with her regular white teeth. Oh God. Mum had been right, she was genetically predisposed to horrible, exceptional period pain. Why was Mum trekking through the Thai jungle now? She was needed here to support her daughter. The routine health check at work five weeks ago had been a suprise... “Why are you taking this exceptional heavy dose of high concentration contraceptives, it's more than four times the normal level and will seriously damage your health in the long term,” asked the doctor. “My mother made me do it when I was sixteen.” “You've been doing this for seven years? Shocking, what on earth was your mother thinking?” “She said that as a family we're prone to very bad periods and it's a condition that I should let develop as it's permanent.” She was aware it sounded lame but she couldn't forget the intensity, the near terror in her mother's face as she ordered her. “Take these forever or see your life ruined.” Last month, her first real period ever, had been bad. But she had gone to bed for most of a day, taken some painkillers and wrapped herself around a hot water bottle. But there had been something else. Something she didn't ... want to think about. Sex, lust, animal lust. She had eaten steak tartare. Naked. With her hands. And put her hands down there . Her clit had throbbed, it felt huge. She had masturbated obsessively for a couple of hours, stuck a dildo in her cunt, then in her arse. She'd never done that before. But it was one off, 4 weeks ago, at the full moon as she had joked to herself. It wouldn't happen again. Now that feeling was back with the pain. Lust. Predatory. She needed somebody and she was going to use him for her own satisfaction. She shuddered, had her mother been trying to say she was a werewolf? That the moon would bring on this lust for raw meat, for human flesh, for blood, to devour the sex of another? Of course it was just a morbid fantasy brought on by a change of medication. She could deal with it. She could go and join her friends in the pub and have a good laugh. A couple of painkillers and she'd be fine. She went to the bathroom, movement was good, made her feel better. She stood in front of the mirror. Long black hair, oval face, olive complexion, dark eyes stared at her. “Let's get some lippy and mascara on and get out,” she thought. Her breasts felt heavy and swollen in her tight black sweater, the tight pvc trousers stretched tight across her hips, crease parting her arse cheeks, as the stiletto boots seemed to stretch her legs. Her crotch was burning, felt even tighter then ever, painfully tight over her cunt. Her clit ached to be stroked and rubbed and licked and ...