1. The Agency Girl - Part II

    Date: 6/17/2017, Categories: BDSM, Author: angieseroticpen, Source: LushStories

    It was almost twenty four hours later when Bill opened his front door to Sal again. Once again he was stunned by her attractiveness. This time she was wearing a red velvet dress. Its top clung to her upper body, once again emphasising her breasts and slim waist. Its wide but modest hemline spoke of long shapely legs. This time her legs were covered in a much lighter denier material. He wondered whether or not they were stockings. Once again, his nostrils were excited by her perfume as she brushed past him. “W...would you like a coffee?” he stammered. Sal swept back her long auburn hair as she thanked him and walked on ahead to the kitchen. Bill followed on in intrepidation. He was nervous. Before she left the previous afternoon she had suggested that he buy some items for her; actually it was more like an order than a suggestion. Bill took careful note. Sal also reminded him that a well known sex toy chain store had opened a shop recently in the town. “Perhaps you might like to pay them a visit later,” she had suggested. “They are open unto 8:00 p.m.” The items he had bought were laid out on the kitchen table. Sal ignored them at first and sat down while Bill made coffee. She asked him if he had dictated any more of his story and they discussed what he had done so far while they drank. Sal then suddenly put down her cup and reached for black leather riding crop that he had bought. “We have some business to take care of though first haven’t we Bill?” she said as she looked ... deeply into his eyes. Nervousness swept over him, so did sexual excitement. “Yes,” he replied softly. Sal leant on the table with her elbows and looked at him again as she held the crop between her two hands. “Yes Miss , if you don’t mind,” she told him. Bill was visibly shaken. “Sorry Miss,” he replied meekly. “That’s okay,” she said, “Let’s keep this side of things in order shall we?” Bill nodded. “I want you to go upstairs to your bedroom and strip from the waist down for me before coming back down with a pillow and something suitable to blindfold you.” “A pillow?” Sal carefully laid the crop down on the table and looked him in the eye as she folded her arms. “ Never question me again,” she said with raised voice. “You do what I say, when I say, without question. Do you understand?” Bill stood up immediately. “Sorry...yes Miss...sorry Miss,” he stammered. Sal stood up as well. “Good,” she told him, her tone slightly lessened. “That will be three extra strokes of the crop for your disobedience though.” “Yes Miss. Sorry Miss," he said as he moved quickly out of the room. In his bedroom he quickly stripped off his shoes, socks, trousers and pants. He stood looking at his reflection in the mirror for a moment as he stood there in just a t-shirt. He was trembling; he could see that, yet he had an enormous erection. This woman was dominating him, more than that, she was about to hurt him and yet he was sexually excited about it. He grabbed a pillow off the bed and took a scarf from ...