1. More Than The Mail

    Date: 6/17/2017, Categories: Straight Sex, Author: becoming, Source: LushStories

    I was alone in bed in my boyfriend’s studio apartment. We had overslept, so he had to rush off, late for a meeting. I glanced around the room, noticing the mid-morning light filtering in through the curtains just above my head. The sunbeams highlighted the hardwood floor strewn with books, a towel, and an assortment of clothing: his jeans, t-shirt, my skirt, bra. One stocking hung from the table, beside an empty bottle of wine and some candles. Mmm, yes, last night had been quite delicious. As I indulged in remembering the details of the night, the home-cooked meal, banter and laughter, a steamy shower, and hours of lovemaking, I noticed my coat hanging on a hook on the back of the door. I sighed as I looked at the empty space beside it, where his coat should be. As wonderful as last night was, I did miss the usual morning sex. Images of tender caresses, passionate kisses, and hasty fucking all mingled together in my mind, and I felt my body becoming aroused. Well, I suppose I’ll just have to take care of this myself . I moved over to the edge of the bed, and reached into a rather large pink satin satchel - my bag of tricks, as Robb would tease. I pulled out a large purple vibrator, and rolled back onto the bed. On second thought, this might be job for two . I felt the wetness between my legs and the tingling in my breasts as I grabbed a second, small black studded vibrator. I realized this could get loud, so I slipped over to the laptop on the desk, and turned on some ... tunes. I’m sure the neighbours had heard us many times, but I felt a little silly about making a lot of noise when I was alone. I turned up the volume. Having slept naked, my clothes were already off. On the bed, I stretched out on my back, and spread my legs. I turned on the large vibrator, and ran it slowly across my clit a few times before inserting it into my pussy. A little bit, then further, further. I turned up the intensity. I took the smaller vibrator in my free hand, and began to run it against my clit, moaning softly. As I pushed the larger one deeper into my wet cunt, I massaged harder with the other one. God, it felt good. Yeah, I’d rather be having sex with someone, but this was feeling pretty nice. As I pushed and rubbed harder, I spread my legs wide, lifting them into the air. I loved coming with my legs up, and I was definitely close to an orgasm. I closed my eyes, and just let myself soak in all the sensations: the pounding in my pussy, the vibrations on my clit, and the freedom of feeling my legs in the air. I thought about how I must look, and realized I wanted to watch myself masturbate, watch making myself come. As I was on the verge I opened my eyes. There in the doorway stood Ben, mouth gaping wide. I had met Robb and Ben a few months ago at a party. They worked together, and had sat down on either side of me on a couch, after introducing themselves. I found them to be interesting, intelligent, witty, and very sexy. Ben was more reserved than Robb, who was ...