1. More fun with Francis at the motel

    Date: 6/17/2017, Categories: True Story, Anal, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, Bisexual, Fisting, Group Sex, Water Sports/Pissing, Author: biguy181, Source: sexstories.com

    We had met Francis last night at his motel, for a great group fuck, and tonight was going to be as good I hoped. All the guys from last night were told that we would be back again tonight and to start around 6.30 again, we were ready and on our way, aiming to arrive just before 6.30, Dave parked on the far side of the carpark again. So with nothing more than a smile, I walked towards the room, several guys from last night saw me and came over. I was only just able to get to the room before guys had thier hands all over me, Francis opened the door naked, his face lit up, guys held me as I went down sucking his cock hard, then a cock opened up my pussy and pushed balls deep, I gagged as I was pushed further onto his hard cock, hands now pulling and twisting my nipples as another cock pushed into my mouth. It didn't take long, the first cum load filled my pussy as Francis moved us towards the bed, he slid under me, his cock went into my freshly filled pussy as another started to fuck my willing butt. My mouth once more filled with cock, as they set about making me orgasm. I looked over to see Dave, he was already being fucked and sucking a cock, as more guys turned up, my arse was filled with cum, Francis still pounding up into my pussy, as another cock took my arse and fucked me deep and hard. I enjoyed thier attention for some time, then both guys set one another off, as cum splashed my insides, when they pulled out, I sat up, lined up with Francis mouth and filled it with ... three loads of hot sticky cum. he ate and licked me clean, then swung me around fisting my butt as more cum run free. I let him fist me while I sucked another cock dry, then told him to lay down, with his arm up, pulling Dave over we both sat on a fist each, Francis fingering our arse's as other guys face fucked us. I saw cum running out of Dave's butt as Francis fisted us, then Francis pulled his arm towards his mouth and licked the cum from Dave's butt and his arm, my orgasm raced though me seeing this. Both Dave and I let Francis rest, then grabbed a couple of cocks each, and got them to dp us, I then sucked Francis's cock back to life while I was kept busy, several guys had changed placed as their relieved thier tension and shot me full of cum, I was enjoying plenty of orgasm's but wanted more, so the next guy I got him to dp my arse and both cocks began to give me bigger orgasms as they worked my brown hole. We had probley been going now for 2 hours or so, and I needed a drink, so after the guys fucking me had cum, I stood up, and had a quick drink, then told the guys I wanted some action in the bathroom, those that were here last night quickly followed, as I knelt down several cocks began to pee over me, then I bent over, asking them to fill my arse or pussy with thier piss too, as some did that other continued to piss over my face and hair, 6 or 7 guys had now empitied thier bladders on or in me, and joined me in the shower, I had more hands soaping me up than needed but ...