1. More fun with Francis at the motel

    Date: 6/17/2017, Categories: True Story, Anal, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, Bisexual, Fisting, Group Sex, Water Sports/Pissing, Author: biguy181, Source: sexstories.com

    my pussy too, so moving around, we found a cock, for me to lay on and shoved it in, thick cock was still fisting and fucking my arse, now totally full, another cock, took my mouth, as they gave me a great fucking. With the pressuere from the fist and cocks in me, the two guys were having trouble holding off, and all to soon, my body was washed with thier cum, as both shot deep inisde me, my orgasm and screaming on the cock in my mouth, gave me a third load down my throut. Dave was behind me, and as thick cock pulled his arm and cock out, Dave rammed his cock in me, fucking my cum filled arse hard, then he too fisted and fucked my butt. Dave then moved me over his fist, as I pushed down harder, taking more of his arm inside me, I rode him as guys face fucked me and one rode Dave's cock, then with the next hard push, I got down to Dave's elbow, my orgasm let every one know too. My legs gave out as another huge orgasm shot though me, so I lay down, Dave swapped and sat on my fist, taking me to the elbow first go, my pussy was fucked and I took several cocks in my mouth as Dave wanked his cock and shot his load into my face, Francis bent down and licked him clean with me, another guy was licking the cum running down my arm and Dave's butt as he slowed on my fist. I wanted more piss fun, so taking guys back to the shower, got them to empty thier bladders in my butt or pussy this time, most ...
    more than happy to, then I drank a couple of cocks dry, before a nice cool shower. Once back on the bed, I lost count after that, as guy after guy just rammed thier cocks in my well fucked arse or pussy and cum, Dave also now being used by as many guys too, the room was still full, and hard cocks were getting sucked back to life by guys all around me. Most of the guys we call who know us well, are bi and often keep themselfs hard by sucking each other between fucking us, the new guys either joined in, or just fucked me, which ever way is ok, as long as every one is happy. I know towards the end of the night, Dave and myself, were once more up ended and cock after cock drained thier sticky white fluids into us, when all the guys had finnished, we took turns sitting over the others mouth, dropping thier rewards out, some of the guys also helped Dave eat the cum from me, as we slowly came to a end. Francis said he was looking forward to his next visit and would sms us as soon as he knew when it was, walking back to the car, one guy pulled me aside, rammed his cock in my arse and fucked me agaisnt the wall, while the other stood around us, his cum added to the rest inside my well used butt. On the drive home, we got stopped by the police, the look on the young constaables eyes when he saw me sitting in a puddle of cum naked was priceless. but Dave got off with a warning, so was worth it.