1. Having It Both Ways, Part 3

    Date: 6/17/2017, Categories: True Story, Bisexual, Group Sex, Incest, Author: Shauna, Source: sexstories.com

    In the previous part of this story, Janet (my lesbian partner) lovingly confronted me about my relationship with my twin brother, Stan, with whom I have been having hetero sex since we were children. I told her the truth (what a relief!) and she was curious about Stan’s wife, Emily, and about the whole incest thing and about the possibility of having sex with Emily. I offered to include her in a dinner party with them and make sure that sex was on the menu. Mother’s house remained vacant and had been a favored meeting place for Stan and me, since Mother passed away. There is something nicely erotic about having sex in Mother’s bed – kinda like we’re getting away with something, just as it was when we were little kids. Janet said that she would be willing to give it a try; but only if she can have some time with Stan’s wife, Emily. Sure, I had told her, Stan and I can always find a way to entertain ourselves. So we decided to come together (Freudian???) at Mother’s old house. When Janet and I got there, Stan had built a nice fire in the fireplace and the living room was quite cozy – and romantic. Emily was in the kitchen having made fondue. Cheese and mushrooms with garlic. When she brought it out, we all gave the appropriate “oohs” and “aahs”. We gathered around the round coffee table, sat on the floor and dunked French bread chunks on skewers, sharing with each other so that we all got aplenty. A heavy Cote’ de Rhone wine complemented the fondue perfectly. Janet had a ... dribble of cheese sauce on her chin, so I bent over and licked it off. Emily allowed as how that looked like fun and put a dab of cheese on her chin. I nudged Janet, who understood immediately and crawled around the table to lick the cheese from Emily’s chin. It didn’t stop there, however; Janet put her hand behind Emily’s neck and pulled her into a kiss. Emily responded, open-mouthed, and they gently fell to the floor, locked in a full embrace. “You are so hot!” exclaimed Janet and fell back into the embrace. She began to unbutton Emily’s blouse as she kissed downward. Emily started tentatively touching the other woman’s breasts. “Wow, you have what I would call ‘jugs’, Girl!” and unbuttoned the top several buttons of Janet’s top, revealing braless tits. Emily squeezed Janet’s left breast, flicking the nipple with her thumb. Janet moaned, and I said, “Yeah, Emily, Janet has real sensitive boobs – work on ‘em.” Removing Janet’s blouse completely, Emily said, “I’m not so sure about all this hair in the ‘pits, though. I shave everything; helps me feel clean.” “I’m plenty clean, dammit; I just don’t shave,” replied Janet. In the meantime, I have Stan’s trousers unbuttoned and unzipped and I have his cock in my hand, stroking him to full hardness. I push him backwards so that he is prone with his dick sticking straight up. I lean over him and take him in my mouth, sucking as I fondle his balls. Emily looks at us and says. “God, I never thought I would see a woman sucking her brother’s ...