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    Hot Box Chapter 2, The Jungle Fiction, Romance, Adventure, Man and Woman It had taken us just under six years to get to where we were, but as far as I was concerned it was time well spent. Mandy had certainly pulled her weight when it came to the necessary research, and I like to think that my contributions were equally important when looking at the grand scheme of things. Four thousand miles to the southern part of Mexico and through countless little hole in the wall towns we had followed the clues. Now as we trudged across the open field toward the thick stand of trees ahead it was hard to contain the excitement. Was all of our hard work going to pay off? But as I looked down at Mandy’s wonderful ass swinging back and forth in front of me, everything except for my thirst just seemed to fade away. “Hold up a sec sweetie,” I said as I stopped and pulled my canteen from its holder. I was so thirsty it felt like I was chewing on cotton balls. “So, what do you think?” I asked as I shifted the strap of my back pack to a position that was not already sore. Mandy raised her right hand up to pull the bill of her hat down a little before she took a long left to right sweep of the jungle and surveyed the obstacle ahead. The blazing hot sun felt like it was cooking us as we stood together in the tall grass contemplating the path that would lead us to the reward of a lifetime. “Well,” she said as she shielded her eyes from the sun, “I don’t guess it really makes too much of a ... difference where we start.” She turned to look up at me after she had made her conclusion and smiled. “It’s going to be difficult no matter how we slice it.” “I agree,” I responded just before taking a drink from my canteen. “So,” she said as she readjusted her back pack and shifted her weight to both of her feet evenly, “Wanna look at my ass some more?” I almost choked on my water when I started to laugh at her statement. “You know it babe!” I said as I gave her ass a little pat before putting my canteen back in its sleeve. “Actually I’d love to do more than just look at it,” I continued as I grabbed her left cheek and gave it a firm squeeze. Mandy looked over her shoulder and gave a little “Ooh!” before she started walking off through the tall waist deep blades. “If you’re nice,” she said as she turned around and started walking backward away from me with this coy smile on her face and a flirty tone to her voice, “I just might let you into the palace to play for a while.” I knew what that meant, but there was no way we were going to throw down out in this blazing sun. We really did need to get into the jungle, not only because it was where we were going, but for the shade. Another hour or two out here and we were done. Besides, watching Mandy’s ass wink back and forth while she walked was a treat no matter where we were. ************************************************* It was about two weeks after our first meeting that I really fell in love with Mandy. We had spent the majority of ...