1. Living It with Dylan - chapter 2

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Gay, Author: KeeganMitchellFinn, Source: LushStories

    Wednesday “I found Scotty a place,” Dylan announced, Wednesday evening at dinner. We were at a posh downtown place where you had to dress up, and Dylan looked so sharp in his suit that I wanted to fuck him in the men’s room, honestly. “Calm down, bro,” he scolded me, slapping my hand away teasingly, when I suggested it. We had our bikes, since we’d both come straight from school, and we were waiting for horny Scott to meet us. He was outside, already, and I could see him through the restaurant’s front window, smoking a cigarette and staring at our motorcycles. He had one of our spare helmets under his arm. “You call him horny,” he indicated Scott outside. “You’re just as bad, boy.” “Sorry, hon,” I apologized. “There’s just something about that suit that makes me want to rip it right off you.” “You look good, too,” he smiled, giving me a little wink but then pushing my hand away, again, when I placed it on the inside of his thigh. “Be cool,” he scolded again, not looking at all serious. “We’re in public.” “The bathroom’s a lot less public,” I tried, and Dylan laughed, thank God, because even though I kept harping at him about it, I doubted I’d be able to perform somewhere I might get caught and cited for indecency. “I found you a furnished place,” Dylan announced again, when Scott joined us. “You can move in Monday.” “What do you mean?” Scott asked, trying to look confused, but even I could tell it was phony; he understood just fine. “It’s on sixteenth,” Dylan continued, not ... buying the act either. “We can stop by and look at it on our way home.” “I was hoping I could hang with you guys,” Scott said, and I swear to you he sounded just like a whiney little kid not getting his way. I couldn’t wait for that guy to get gone. “We need our space,” Dylan explained, and Scott nodded at him, misunderstanding for real that time. “You guys need your own rooms,” he said, but Dyl shook his head like he was trying to think of a better way to put it. “We need our space, Scott,” he finally said, “but not from each other.” Thursday On Thursday we took Scott out to an upscale Asian restaurant and he ordered the most expensive items on the menu, which I thought was obnoxious, but Dylan didn't even appear to notice and paid the guy’s bill without even looking at it. “How about you guys let me film you?” Scott said, when the waitress had left us to our coffee. “Dylan said no, of course,” he said, leaning toward me like we were co-conspirators. “But I thought you might be a little more open-minded.” “I can’t have shit like that on the Internet,” Dyl protested. “I’m gonna be a lawyer, bro. You think I need crap like that out there for people to blackmail me with?” “You’re not ashamed of being gay,” Scott tried, shooting me a little wink because he was so sure that would work on Dyl. “It’s not about that,” Dylan sounded thoroughly irritated. “It’s I don’t want everyone watching me take it up the ass.” “You take it?” Scott eyed me, looking suspicious. “I’da thought it was ...