1. I Finally Fucked My Dad's Friend

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Taboo, Author: BraveBitch, Source: LushStories

    Mr. Walker was my dad’s friend. It had been a year since I knew him and we kissed last month in a party at his house. It was me who started all this. Let’s just say I was a big slut who wanted to fuck with her dad’s friend. I was nineteen. I had blonde hair, 34C size tits and a fine hot ass. I always found myself getting horny to see older man checking me out. However, Mr. Walker was married to a beautiful woman but he always checked me out too. When I found out that he liked me I started flirting with him and then one night I kissed him. He pushed me away and made excuses that he was married and I was his friend’s daughter. He didn’t say anything about this to my dad or anyone else. I also decided to forget him. Today, after attending a party, I was standing at the corner of the road looking for a taxi. It was a little late and I started getting scared. Suddenly a car stopped in front of me. “What the hell are you doing here? Can’t you see it’s too late to be out of your house.” Mr. Walker yelled at me. I didn’t mind his words, I was just so happy to see him, not because I wanted to fuck with him but because now I have someone to drop me home. “Get in the car." he ordered. He acted as if he had totally forgotten about our little kiss. I got in the car and headed to our houses. I looked at him and again the thought of him bending me over the bed and fucking my ass hit my mind. I wanted to touch my pussy and squeeze my tits at that moment. “Thanks for the ride.” I said. “You ... are welcome, and I’m sorry I yelled at you. What were you doing there? It’s so late you know." he didn’t look at me. “I came to attend a party.” I replied innocently. He looked at me, noticed my cleavage and my legs and then looked forward. “You could ask a friend to drop you home.” “I thought I will get a taxi.” I said and felt proud of my tits and sexy legs. “Next time, be careful.” He didn’t let me finish my sentence. I looked at him and rolled down my eyes to his crotch. I noticed him secretly trying to adjust his erection. I turned on to see that his dick was hard just to have me sit next to him. I imagined how hard he would fuck me if I could get him to fuck me. I slowly moved my hand to his crotch and as I put my hand on his crotch he pushed the breaks. “What are you doing? Natalie, I told you it’s not good. I’m a married man, and you are my friend’s daughter,” he said, after pushing my hand away from his crotch. “Just one time, Mr. Walker, you don’t know how much I want you,” I confessed my dirty feelings. “All the time when I lay down in my bed naked and play with my pussy, I think about you fucking me.” I talked in detail to turn him on. I again moved my hand to his crotch. This time he let me feel his erection for a few seconds but then again he pushed my hand away. “I know you are married, and I promise to keep things secret.” I said, “Just fuck me once.” I added and pulled down my dress to reveal my tits. He stared at my perfect perky boobs and erect nipples. I ...