1. Sorcha And Megan Join Our Staff And Lose Their Virginity

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Job/Office Sex, Author: Joanna86, Source: LushStories

    I’d met Sorcha and Megan seven months before the events of this story took place. They were introduced to me as two Irish runaways, by a client that I was seeing on the south coast. I met them on what was a scorching day for England, with temperatures hitting thirty centigrade. With our meeting and business completed, the girls took me to a local naturist beach and, inevitably, we ended having sex. Seven months later, as I stood on the platform, waiting for their train to arrive, the weather couldn’t have been more different: snow on the ground and below-freezing temperature. Our office had been a clothes free zone for well over two years, after we’d had a vote on the issue. From day one, we'd agreed sex was allowed, as long as we maintained our work schedule. With seven good looking girls and two men, it was rare on any working day when sex didn’t happen somewhere in our offices. Six of the seven girls were on the pill, leaving only Anika having unprotected sex. Anika was off work, having had her first child, (father most likely Andrew or Peter and not her Indian husband, Rakesh) six weeks earlier. But pregnancy must be contagious because Maria, Chrissie and Isabella had all caught the bug, despite using the protection of the pill and were in the early stages of pregnancy. We joked that the boys sperm must have developed super powers and must be very strong because of the amount of use their cocks had in the previous two years. Sorcha and Megan had resigned, packed their ... bags and were travelling north to join our team. When I originally met them, I’d have needed to be blind and stupid not to realise that they were gay and a couple. Physically, most people would have looked at them and said, they were lesbians and, as a couple, you could immediately see how much they were in love. Sorcha was about five foot two, with short brown hair and brown eyes. At best, you would argue that her physique was curvy. She was overweight but to most who chose to look, her most striking feature was her E cup breasts. Megan, by comparison, was the same height, with same eye and hair colouring but her hair was longer, shoulder length. However, she was very slim, with boobs that were very small, almost non-existent. The one irresistible quality that both girls had, was a soft Irish accent that sounded like enchanting music when they spoke, making it impossible not to want to be around them. They were virgins and, apart from each other, the only other person they’d kissed or had sex with was me but they were excited about working clothes free, losing their virginity, having sex with our office staff and maybe, becoming pregnant too. They were not going to use contraception. It was 11.30 in the morning, the temperature barely above freezing as I tried to shelter from the bitterly cold easterly wind. I’d been in the office prior to travelling to the train station. Of course, I’d been naked at the office and had sex with Mandy and Chrissie, before leaving Peter to fuck ...