1. Sorcha And Megan Join Our Staff And Lose Their Virginity

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Job/Office Sex, Author: Joanna86, Source: LushStories

    as she rode up and down on Peter’s cock, fixed her eyes on Sorcha and Andrew, her expression of excitement growing as Andrew started to cum. Immediately, her movements quickened, desperate to have sperm inside her, too. Peter responded, thrusting his hips up as Sorcha moved from her sofa-bed, cum dribbling from her pussy, to sit beside Megan and Peter. “Cum on his cock for me, Megs,” Sorcha said as she looked at Megan. Megan responded, circling her hips as she writhed around Peter’s shaft, moaning a little before her back arched and thighs clenched together. “Oh fuck, that feels intense, Megan,” Peter moaned, before he lifted her off him and sat up, cock glistening, coated by Megan’s juices. He got off the bed, positioning himself behind her and easing her knees wider apart. Taking his cock in his left hand, he inside her and started to fuck. With each thrust into her, Megan let out an involuntary groan. We’d all been fucked by Peter many times and could recognise that he’d be cuming soon. Our attention was taken by the sound of a ringing telephone on one of the desks. Chrissie jumped up to answer it and, with a look of horror, covered the mouthpiece and mouthed that Anika’s husband had arrived. Under normal circumstances, we’d have all dressed before he was allowed into the office. As you’d expect, most of us watching the scene on the sofa-bed were being touched by somebody, the moans filling the office. Anika snapped, “Just let him in!” She ...
    was knelt on the sofa-bed to my right and I had my mouth around her right nipple, suckling on her, drinking her milk. Reluctantly, Chrissie walked towards the door, and a few seconds later we heard Anika’s husband Rakesh saying, "What the fuck." As he turned the corner into the main office, we chuckled at the look of amazement on his face as he saw us all naked. He arrived, just as Peter began to cum inside Megan. Sorcha pulled Megan towards her as soon as Peter had pulled out of her and the two girls began to kiss and hug. Rakesh continued to rant uncontrollably. He insisted that Anika get dressed, he would take her home, and she should resign. Chrissie, Maria and Katie rounded on him, defending Anika, arguing that she’d done nothing wrong and that he, clearly, didn’t satisfy her at home. As Anika’s breast emptied a final squirt of milk into my mouth, I stood up and looked outside. The weather was seriously bad, with a thick covering of snow blanketing everything. I made a decision that we should go to my house, it being the closest. With Andrew having a Honda CRV 4 x 4, I suggested we all go there for the night or until the snow relented. I knew that Sorcha and Megan would want more cum inside them and, at home, they could sleep with the boys... ~~~~ Anika now has three children and lives with Isabella. It took nine months for Megan to get pregnant and two years for Sorcha. So, it’s fair to say that the nursery section of the office is well used.