1. Sorcha And Megan Join Our Staff And Lose Their Virginity

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Job/Office Sex, Author: Joanna86, Source: LushStories

    both of them when I left. I pondered for some time on what clothes to wear when picking up Sorcha and Megan, I didn’t want to freeze to death but wanted to look and feel sexy. I showered quickly in our office changing room and looked at the clothes I’d travelled to work in; jeans, socks, shoes, t-shirt, sweat top and a long coat. I couldn’t possibly look good in those, so I decided to wear my shoes and long coat - and risk getting cold. Oh my god it’s cold, I thought, as flakes of snow, carried on the wind, hit my bare legs. And there was no sign of any arriving trains. Maybe, being dressed as I was, in a coat that fell halfway down my thighs, was not such a good idea after all. With no socks and only shoes on my feet, I found myself skipping on alternate feet, in an attempt to breathe life into my freezing toes. Warmth was rapidly disappearing from my body but, just as I was checking my watch - it was 11.38 - I heard a train announce its arrival with a loud blast of its horn. It didn’t take long before the train to pulled into the station, doors were flung open and passengers stepped onto the platform. There were only about ten people disembarking from the train but, so transformed in appearance were Sorcha and Megan, that I nearly didn’t recognise them. I watched the passengers step off the train, all wrapped up, dressed for the intense cold. At the far end of the platform, I noticed two slim, dark haired girls walking towards me. They were dressed similarly, in ski ... jackets, one virginal white, the other pink and black, leggings to accentuate their shapely legs. It didn’t dawn on me at all that they were carrying five suitcases, their long flowing hair threw me completely. I continued to skip in an effort to keep some warmth in my body. The girls got closer and closer but it wasn’t until they were ten metres in front of me that I realised it was Sorcha and Megan approaching me. Gone were the butch, lesbian traits, replaced by a softer, more feminine look. Sorcha, in particular, had altered her appearance considerably, allowing her hair to grow and, even wearing a thick ski jacket, it was apparent how much weight she’d lost but had retained her large breasts. Megan had also allowed her hair to grow but, where her girlfriend was thinner, Megan had developed feminine curves, making her even more appealing. As Sorcha, Megan and I made eye contact, we smiled, moving quickly together, first group hugging and exchanging passionate kisses. With their arms around me, I turned to Megan, put my open mouth to hers and felt her tongue on mine an instant later. With our tongues swirling together, slowly and intimately, I felt a trickle of juices running from my pussy down my thighs. I feltl myself getting more aroused with each swirl of Megan’s tongue on mine but, after ten or fifteen seconds, I heard Sorcha say, “My turn.” Megan, immediately pulled her head away, Sorcha placed her fingers on my chin and turned my face to hers. My mouth opened and Sorcha ...