1. Sorcha And Megan Join Our Staff And Lose Their Virginity

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Job/Office Sex, Author: Joanna86, Source: LushStories

    began kissing me. My pussy and clit was throbbing so hard as I felt my coat being pulled higher “Are you naked under the coat, Joanna?” Pulling away from the girls, I turned around and lifted my coat, enabling them to see my bare arse. Sorcha and Megan whooped with delight before I let my coat drop down to cover myself again. Turning around, I waited for the girls to walk a few paces before taking one of the suitcases and we started to walk off the platform and towards my car. “I can’t believe how different you both look. The longer hair really suits you.” The girls giggled, embarrassed a little by my compliment. We chatted as we walked, until I eventually asked if they’d continued to practice squirting when they came. By their own admission, they'd been very inexperienced sexually; they’d not even penetrated the others pussy with their fingers and, therefore, not found their g-spots. Spending the night with them, seven months previously, was as much an education for them as it was a night of sex. Once we’d located their g-spots, the girls had quickly appreciated the levels of pleasure that could give them and it wasn’t long before they squirted. They informed me that sex between them since my visit had been far more satisfying. Sorcha blurted out, “And exciting! We had sex on the train travelling here.” I chuckled, telling them that I guessed they had because I could smell it when we hugged and kissed. Their eyes widened when I told them that I’d had a threesome with Mandy ... and Chrissie at the office before I left to meet them and that Peter was watching with his cock fully hard. After a few minutes, we arrived at my car, and put the suitcases in the boot and on the back seat. Sorcha sat on the passenger seat and Megan behind her on the back seat. I asked what they wanted to do: go to my house and relax for the afternoon or go to the office and meet everybody? Megan replied, without hesitation, “We want to lose our virginity as soon as we can.” I suggested that we go to the office, via home so we could drop off their bags. A few seconds later, my phone beeped to tell me I’d received a text. Sorcha picked up my phone and I nodded my approval to look at the message. It was from Isabella, telling me that Anika had arrived at the office with her new baby. With Anika having given birth and a further three staff pregnant, I’d had one of our offices converted into a nursery, which would mean the girls could still work if they wanted to. So, with Anika going to the office, I could see if the new facility was good enough. Ten minutes later, I’d turned into the secluded lane on which my house stood with five others, leading the girls to comment that the village where I lived was smaller than the one they were from in Ireland. We entered the house and, taking their suitcases upstairs, they asked where they would be sleeping. “You have your own room but, hopefully, you’ll want to be in my bed. It’s your choice.” With the suitcases in their room, I went back ...