1. Sorcha And Megan Join Our Staff And Lose Their Virginity

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Job/Office Sex, Author: Joanna86, Source: LushStories

    downstairs. Sorcha and Megan wanted to change their clothes and I waited by the front door. It took less than a minute for them to bound down the stairs, totally naked holding their ski jackets in one hand and shoes in the other. “Do you like what you see,” Megan asked as both girls stood still. How could I not like what I saw? Megan looked to have developed from having the body of a young teenage girl, to that of a sexy young woman. Her long dark hair fell seductively around her strong looking shoulders and down her back. Her breasts had blossomed, from a flat chest, to perfectly rounded C cup mounds of sex appeal, capped off by hard, dark brown nipples. Megan’s stomach, as was Sorcha’s, was flat with a hint of muscle tone, above curved feminine hips and legs, which seemed to guide my eyes to their tight, shaved, virginal pussy’s. Sorcha had undoubtedly worked hard to lose weight and tone up her body. Without the extra bulge on her stomach, her E cup breasts were even more noticeable and I couldn’t help imagining my office staff sucking on them for hours and hours. I raised my coat above my waist, exposing my dripping pussy and thighs to the naked girls as they stood a metre in front of me and said, “Does this tell you what I think of your naked bodies? We’d better go to the office now. I’m so turned on I want to fuck you senseless.” Sorcha and Megan giggled as the bent down to put on their shoes and, by the time I’d picked up my car keys, they had put on their ski ... jackets. A second later, I opened the front door, allowing an icy blast of air to envelop our bodies before we stepped outside and got into the car. Despite snow beginning to fall heavily, it was only a ten-minute journey to the office. But, as soon as I began to drive, the girls started to ask question about having sex in the office. They were obviously excited about the prospect but nervous, too. They were exhibitionists - the three of us had already had sex on a naturist beach with people watching - but sex with Andrew and Peter was clearly worrying them because they were gay. I assured them that they could say no to sex with any member of the office staff if that’s what they wanted. The girls added, as I pulled into the office carpark, that they wanted to get pregnant and wanted it to happen naturally, giggling when Sorcha said, “So that means we will be fucking Peter and Andrew.” “Are you sure you’re ready?” I asked, after I’d turned off the car. There was an uneasy few seconds of silence before Megan opened the car door. Nobody said a word as we got out of the car, shut the door and walked carefully across the snow-covered ground towards the office entrance. Suddenly, I felt the same anxiety as Sorcha and Megan, wondering whether I’d done the right thing, encouraging them to move to the midlands to work with us. The foyer was warm, heating our bodies as we waited for the lift to arrive, but still there was silence, no words being spoken. I glanced across at Sorcha and Megan, ...