1. The Show (Masochism Experience)

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: True Story, Anal, BDSM, Female solo, Hardcore, Masturbation, BDSM, Torture, Toys, Author: LilyJinis, Source: sexstories.com

    I am thrilled and excited about the show. Yesterday I've sent message through Facebook to all my friends: "Come and watch me tomorrow at six: link to the site". It was site with the web cams where people could watch girls and tip them if they like it. I switched off my phone so nobody could contact me and ask about the show. I know that there is a quite big discussion among my friends about that, I am just normal girl who normally would never do something like that so everyone is curious if this was just a mistake or a joke. Thoughts that all friends will see me not only naked but doing some kinky stuff is driving me crazy, I just can't stop thinking about it and thousand of different thoughts is going through my head. My normal sensible part is screaming to not do this but my twisted side is whispering to my ear: "go for it, I know you crave this". And I listen to the whisper. At last the show day has come. I was teasing myself all week without a relief so I would be as horny as possible. I know that I will need to be extremely aroused to do what I've planned. I'm very nervous and actually I am really close to quit the idea about show. The hours are passing by and I'm still not sure, now when time of show is so near everything becomes real and serious and I have a lot of doubts and I still have a chance to quit. I look in the mirror, I see normal girl with beautiful face and skinny perfect body and I'm feeling warm butterflies coming through my belly and spreading across ... my whole body "I am a pervert" I'm thinking "I am going to show everyone who I am, a little sluty pervert, I want to show that to everyone I want to revile myself I want to sink into lust and perversions. This is what I crave and this is the time when it all starts. My all friend will know my real nature now. No more hiding and pretending." I know that I have to do it. I clean myself and wear black opaque stockings and red 6 inch heels, my well shaved pussy shines with juices and my nipples poking hard. I can't wait any longer and with a pounding heart I login into the web cam site. There is already 500 people waiting for me, probably the news has spread across the facebook and everyone want to see me naked! I can guess that among those people are my friends as I recognize some of their nicknames. "Wow its really happening!". They see me naked wearing just black stockings and red sluty heels and the comments have start to flow – "Wow Lily is that really you?", "You are crazy!", "You look like slut" and some of them are quite offensive produced probably by female part of the audience – "I knew you are slut bitch", "No respect at all", "Fucking bitch". But while I am reading all those comments I'm getting more and more wet. "Hello, Thanks for coming to see my show I hope you'll enjoy it. Its going to be bondage show so I hope you like that kind of stuff. I've another surprise for you – its going to be interactive show". I grab alligator clip with sharp metal teeth and attached ...