1. Finding Love Along the Tracks Chapter 9 - Williams Sorrow

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    Finding Love Along the Tracks Chapter 9 - Williams Sorrow. AUTHORS NOTE: While the characters of "William" and "Danielle" do seem to the same as my other series "Adventures of a Railfan Chapter 1- Danielle," I want to make it clear that these two characters in this series are most definitely not the same from my other series. I only borrowed the names from "Adventures of a Railfan" because I could not think of any other good names on a whim, like I usually do when I introduce a new character. While I do admit that the events that happen to the Danielle in this series are based on the real person, this is only to further character development, to bring everyone closer together and build up their personalities in an area where I think they are currently lacking. As I mentioned in the first chapter of the series, all the characters in "Finding Love Along the Tracks" are purely fictional, and are not based on any real person or people. Now, on with the story! It was October, the fall colors were at their peak colors, and the weather was usually now in the high 60's. Brenda and Jack where very happy together. She was now 4 months along, and the bump in her belly was now very noticeable. She never did experience morning sickness, which she thought was unusual for a pregnant woman. Jack was doing everything in his power to make sure she was as comfortable as she possible could be, and also made sure that she was satisfied sexually as well, considering that she was constantly ... horny. They ended up having sex every morning and night to the point where he would spend every night with her. It was about two weeks after he proposed to her that John's parents decided to just let him move in. This made Brenda very happy because she was at the point in their relationship where she could not sleep at all when he was not there with her. She had become very emotional as well, and even the slightest romance movie that she watched made her well up with tears. Jack could not stand the sight of his fiancee in tear's, so the both decided that it would be a good idea that she not watch anything other than comedies. The day after John proposed to Kelsy, her parents decided that it would be best for her to move in with him as well, so that the two of them could be there for the baby when it was born. His parents had no objection, and they were delighted to help her move her stuff in. Gary made sure that she had everything the she needed. Even though his grandson was still another 6 months away, he started to prepare for his arrival by buying him toy's and even started to get back into a hobby that he had not enjoyed since before John was born, working with wood and hand carving furniture. He managed to get all the supplies needed and started to carve an intricate crib for him within days of finding out that he would be a grandpa. Kelsy was surprised when she went into the garage one day, looking for John, and to see his dad working on the crib, which at the time was only ...