1. Finding Love Along the Tracks Chapter 9 - Williams Sorrow

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    about half way done. She was brought to the point of tears of joy when she it. April also made sure she was comfortable and helped her get into a parenting and birthing class that John was going to attend with her. She also made sure that she had the proper nutrition to support herself and the baby. Kelsy never thought in her wildest imagination that her future in-law's would go out of their way to make sure that she had everything she would need plus some for when she gave birth to her son. They had decided on a name for the baby, and they were going to name him Alex John Walker. His mom thought it was a great name, and his father wished that they would name him "Gary John" after the two of them. Kelsy rolled her eyes when he made this comment. He tried to bribe them buy offering to buy them a house but it did not work, as they had their hearts set on Alex John. Gary seemed disappointed, but he grew to accept the name they had their heart set on the name they picked out. April felt a little sorry for him, so as a gag gift, she bought him a toy doll and made a shirt for it that said "Hi, I am Gary John!" He laughed when he saw the gift on sitting on their bed, and April thought it was hilarious. It was the 11th of October when they decided to have everyone over for a small cook out. Their friends would be there, and while they all still hung out together, it was usually at his place, since Kelsy would get sick from the diesel exhaust of the passing trains. She was ... disappointed that she could not enjoy the hobby with John, so to make up for the lost train watching time, he bought her a couple of movies. He ended up ordering "Across the Heartland" and "Countdown to Merger" from the railroad video producer Pentrex. They were about the last two weeks of the Santa Fe Railway before its merger with Burlington Northern on September 22, 1995 that created today's BNSF Railway. She was thrilled with the programs, and she ended up ordering a few more programs from them to help pass the time. They were all about the Santa Fe, but her favorite ones where still the ones that John had bought for her. On the day of the cook out, John had gone to the store with Kelsy to grab some steaks and other supplies. "I think we should have New York Strips, babe." Kelsy told him. "Yeah, I guess we should! Let me call the bank so I can take out a loan to buy the!" He replied Kelsy smirked and gave a little laugh at his smart ass remark. "Anything will be fine, baby, but can we please pick up some Ice Cream? I am craving some Dulce De Leche." "Dulce De What?" He asked, He had never heard of this flavor. "Dulce De Leche, its a Mexican flavor." She responded "If we can find some, I will get you some." "Thanks baby, Alex thanks you as well as he is the one craving it." Kelsy said with a smile. "Are you sure its not just you that is craving it, sweetie?" He responded "Nope, its the two of us." She commented as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. What happened next would change ...