1. Finding Love Along the Tracks Chapter 9 - Williams Sorrow

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    everyone's life forever. John's phone rang as they were making they're way to the Ice Cream section of the grocery store. He looked at the caller ID and saw that it was William. "Hey dude, whats up?" He asked "Nothing is good right now, Danielle is in the hospital, and it is not looking good. Not good at all." William said in a depressed mood. "What!? How bad is it?" "Well, we the doctors thought they could help get rid of the cancer faster by giving her a bone marrow transplant. She was doing great until last night. She was at the point in her treat men when her body has no defense against any kind of infections or illness's. They think that she has contracted pneumonia." Kelsy could tell from John's face that something was very wrong with William. "Are you sure? Will she make it?" He asked Kelsy gasped, as soon as he said this, she knew something was very wrong with Danielle. The two of them had become really good friends and they even went shopping together as their men watched trains. Danielle was so excited about Kelsy's baby and the upcoming wedding as she was going to be one of Kelsy's bridesmaids. "We are not sure, the doctors right now are giving her a 5% chance to survive. I know in my heart we are going to loose her." He responded. "Listen, Kelsy and I are at the grocery store, we will finish here and get over there ASAP, what hospital are you at?" He asked, he had a very concerned look on his face. "We are at Barnes-Jewish in the Siteman Cancer Center, 6th ... floor, room 612. Please hurry, she might not last too much longer." "Right, we will be there as soon as we can." He said. "Hang in there, William, we are with you. See you in a bit." He hung up the phone and looked at Kelsy. "Whats wrong with Danielle, is she okay, what did you mean by 'will she make it?'" She asked, with a very worried face. "The doctors were giving her a bone marrow transplant to help her body get rid of the cancer faster, and they think she has contracted pneumonia. Her body has no self defense against any infections or illness's right now, Kelsy. They have given her a 5% chance to survive. We need to get your ice cream, take this stuff back to the house, and get up to the hospital ASAP." He told her. Kelsy had a tear running down her cheek as he told her this. She started to have a gut feeling that she as going to loose one of here really good friends, and she was heart broken. She sucked it up as best she could and grabbed the Ice Cream from the freezer before they went to the checkout. They were back at the house in less then 10 minutes. He told his parents and Brenda that they were going to the hospital, as Williams Fiancee was more than likely on her death bed. They were very shocked and saddened by the news and they told him to tell William that they are in their prayers. They left the house again in less than 5 Minutes and he drove 15 miles over the speed limit to get to the hospital. They did not say a word the entire trip, they birth had Danielle on ...