1. Finding Love Along the Tracks Chapter 9 - Williams Sorrow

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    their minds. She was their good friend, one of Kelsy's bridesmaids, and they both knew that she meant the world to William. Kelsy started to worry about how William will take it when she does pass away. They got to hospital about 25 minutes later and managed to find a close parking spot in the parking garage. They didn't care if anyone saw them run, however, they managed to restrain themselves as they kept up a brisk pace to Danielle's room. When they got there, the Chaplin was coming out of the room. They knew right away that he had given Danielle her final rights. Upon seeing him come out of the room, she almost made started bawling, and she clinched the roll of toilet paper that she brought to use as tissues. William came out of the room, and saw them. He thanked them for coming in such a time of need and apologized for taking up their time. They told him not to worry about it as they were mor concerned for him and Danielle. "How is she?" Kelsy asked. "She is in a comatose state right now, to make her as comfortable as possible. The pneumonia has ravaged her body to the point where it is now basically incurable. The doctor has now given her chance of survival 1%. We are going to loose her, John." William said as he tried to hold back his tears. He had been with her for over 8 years, and he loved her dearly. "You two had better go in there and say your goodbye's." he continued Kelsy was choking back tears now, however she did want to say goodbye to her friend. The three ... of them walked into the room and saw that Danielle looked really bad. Her limbs have lost color and felt cold to the touch. Her heart was barely beating on the monitor, and she had almost no pulse. John and Kelsy walked to the bed, as William's mom and Danielle's parents stood by her. Kelsy was the first to speak "Danielle, I want you to know, you will always be in my heart. You are one of my best friends, and I really wanted you to meet Alex when he was born. I am going to miss you, Danielle. You were always so good to William. John and I will make sure that he is happy, and that he will find someone to love. You won't be replaced, and we will make sure of that. I promise. Please, please, when you get to heaven, you will watch down over us and smile when William again finds someone to love." She told her, not sure if she could even hear her. She had tears running down her eyes in a constant stream as she said her farewell. She turned around and hugged John, she could not bare to see her in this state. "I will make sure he is happy, Danielle. We are all going to miss you, William, his mom and your parents, everyone down at the Station, and all of your family and friends. You have really showed us how to live, love and laugh, not to mention live life to its fullest." John said as he held Kelsy. He too was trying to hold back tears, as he never before had to say goodbye to one of his friends on their deathbed. "I will always love you Danielle, forever. I promise you, I will be ...