1. In The Heat Of The Night

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Masturbation, Author: Cyndy, Source: LushStories

    A losing battle... that’s what I was fighting. The moonlight attacked the room like a spotlight through the cracks in the shutters. The ceiling fan sounded as if a helicopter was overhead, it's blades spinning around in a hopeless attempt to cool the air. Even the usually soothing sound of waves hitting the shoreline sounded like cannon fire. Everything was working against my attempts to sleep. Lying on the bed, I could feel the perspiration running down, tickling my nakedness. I wanted to be asleep. I needed to be asleep! There appeared to be little chance of success this night. My half-asleep mind floated through memories of other trips I'd made to Hawaii. Yes, there were many hot days, but not as humid as this visit. I made a mental note over and over again: Do not come to Hawaii in the fall. Only come in the New Year or spring! Of course, if the rental home had air conditioning, it would have solved my sleeping problem. With the house being right on the beach, I presume the owners felt that there would be enough breeze to eliminate the need for the extra cost. They were so wrong! Another drop of sweat ran down my neck. I pretended it was a drop of water from a melting ice cube. It didn’t help. Somehow, my husband Jimmy was sleeping beside me. At first I was happy that he was sleeping, but then I became annoyed because he was asleep and I wasn’t. It's ridiculous the conversations we have with ourselves when we're overtired. Flipping from my side on to my back, I hoped ... the breeze from the fan above would provide some comfort. I spread my legs and the air rushing downwards directly onto my pussy felt lovely. But it didn’t last long. I reached for my glass of water on the bedside table. I should have known that the ice would've melted hours ago and now the water was warm. The glaring red light of the digital clock told me that it was 2:14. I was thinking that I was in for long and sleepless night. But I didn’t want to toss, turn and sweat all night. I sat up and swung my legs off the bed. The sheets wanted desperately to cling to me, but I fought them off. Standing, I tiptoed to the window, pried apart two slats of the blinds, and looked out into the night. I thought the air outside was probably cooler than in the room, so I decided to go onto the deck to see if that would be more comfortable. Taking Jimmy’s tee shirt from the top of the dresser, I pulled it on and opened the bedroom door as quietly as possible. Carla and Jack, the friends we were holidaying with, must have fallen asleep, as their room was quiet. Crossing the living room, I dreaded opening the sliding door knowing how noisy it could be. I eased the door wide enough for me to slip through. Looking out at the ocean in the moonlight, I instantly forgot all about the heat. The deck was surrounded by finely mowed grass all the way to the beach. The grass felt wonderful on my bare feet. I quickly tossed off the tee shirt and waded into the ocean. Careful not to go out too far and be ...