1. Co-workers

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Masturbation, Author: HollyGoLightly, Source: LushStories

    So, one night while away in Bangkok for work, I stopped by my colleague's room in the hotel we were staying at, to go over a few work things. I got to his room a little earlier than expected and he looked a bit flustered when he greeted me at the door. Anyway, we went straight to work and I noticed that he had a webcam on a stool, under the table, at a perfect angle to view someone's cock when seated at the desk. He also had some lube on the table. I jokingly ask him what was all that about. He got a little embarrassed but told me that he went onto porn chat sites where you could view people masturbating or fucking and you could reciprocate by giving them permission to view you too. It took me aback but I was quite interested and insisted he show the website to me. He was hesitant at first, but relented after I promised not to tell anyone. He was logged into a chat room where there was a live feed of a woman, from her boobs and below, sitting on a chair completely naked with her legs spread wide, touching herself. I asked Adam how it worked and he said he sent messages to the woman and she would respond back. He typed, "Your pussy looks hot in that position." "Thanks... Does it turn you on? Is your cock hard?" "Yes it is... Show me how you cum." "Why don't you show me your cock so I can cum faster for you." By this time, I could already see he had a hard on as his pants were tenting. I too was turned on by the exchange going on and this wanton woman showing her pussy for the ... world to see. I told him to go ahead and that I wouldn't mind. He looked nervous and asked if I was sure and I reassured him by saying, "Yes, I'm curious to see what happens next." He unzipped his pants and his cock popped out. He looked at me to gauge my reaction and caught me staring at his now fully erect penis. He started massaging it and turned on the webcam on the stool. The woman messaged him, "I like your big cock. Show me how hot I'm getting you." He was still hesitant since I was watching so I grabbed the lube, squeezed some on my hand and started to slowly massage his cock, making sure I lubed every inch. He got a shock at first but then I felt him get even harder in my grip. I leaned down to whisper, "Do you like that? Let me help you get off for her." I started to stroke him up and down while watching the woman on the screen. There was a small window on the bottom of the screen where we could see me jerking him off. She was excited by the view and started to pinch and tweak her nipple with her free hand. At this point, no one was typing as everyone's eyes were glued to what was happening on their monitor. I was stroking him faster while she started finger fucking herself with three fingers. I was really horny at this point and Adam, sensing this, began to touch my ass and stroke my clit through my pants. There was a chair nearby so I pulled it closer to him and took off my pants and panties. I knelt on the chair and put one leg up on the table beside his computer ...