1. Amber's Family Part 6: A Week With Daddy

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Fiction, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Hardcore, Incest, Teen, Spanking, Author: Lover96, Source: sexstories.com

    Amber's Family Part 6: A Week With Daddy Michael and Amber fell quickly asleep and slept deeply and soundly till well past the rising sun. Michael was the first one to awaken. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, then looked down to his daughter. She lay on her side facing towards him. Her strawberry blonde hair was spread out around her, her lovely breasts rising and falling slowly. One of her hands rested lightly gripping his erect cock. He chuckled at that. Amber seemed to be unable to keep her hands off his tool, even while asleep. Michael's cock was hard most mornings when he woke up, and usually his wife would wake up before him and mouth fuck him until he came, swallowing all of his heavy load. That was her usual breakfast. Shannon wasn't here however, and though Michael loved his wife's sweet mouth, he preferred to fuck. He looked at his daughter's gorgeous elfin face so relaxed in sleep. His eyes devoured her tan body, roaming her heavy firm breasts, flat stomach, flaring hips and generous ass, and finally her sexy slender legs. He began to masturbate his cock, looking at his sweet daughter. He knew she would be too sore to fuck this morning. He had used her body hard last night. He decided to instead cover his daughter with his cum. He removed his daughters hand from his cock, and began to rub it hard and fast. It only took him a couple minutes and he was ready. He aimed his cock at her chest and with a loud groan spewed his jizz all over her heavy breasts. coating ... them with his thick fuck cream. Amber awoke to the sound of her father cumming. she felt his hot heavy loads of warm sperm splash onto her tits. She reached up and massaged her tits, rubbing his fuckload into her breasts. What a wonderful way to wake up! she thought. "Mmm..thank you for the gift Daddy" said Amber, licking her fingers and continuing to massage her breasts. She leaned up and kissed, licked, and finally sucked on her fathers cock head. "How are you feeling this morning Amber baby?" asked Michael She removed her mouth and said, "I feel good, but my cunny is sore Daddy." "That is to be expected" said Michael. "It was your first time baby girl. My cock is big and your cunt is very tight. Don't worry though, you should be fine by tonight." Michael got up and stretched. "I'll go make us some breakfast." he said. "Thank you daddy" said amber continuing to lick her fingers and massage his load on her chest. Michael fixed them a nice breakfast of bacon eggs and toast. They ate and talked about last night. Amber told him that it truly was the best night of her life. He told her that he had loved it as well. "What would you like to do today?" he asked "I want to fuck some more Daddy, but my pussy is sore." she said disappointedly. "What else would you like to do hun?" She listed off going to the mall to buy clothes, going to the movies to see a new romantic comedy that had just came out, and going out to eat at her favorite pizza place. He agreed and after cleaning up, they ...