1. Amber's Family Part 6: A Week With Daddy

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Fiction, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Hardcore, Incest, Teen, Spanking, Author: Lover96, Source: sexstories.com

    both got in the large shower together. They washed each others bodies. Amber washed her father's back, then proceeded to thoroughly clean his large cock and heavy balls. Michael washed his daughter off in turn, massaging her breasts, ass and pussy. Finishing up, they got out, dried off, and brushed their teeth. Amber began to dry her hair. While waiting for his daughter, Michael got dressed in a blue polo, shorts and no underwear. He then went to his study and did some work on his laptop. Amber, combed her hair, put on some light make up and got dressed. She wore a simple flowered sundress, no bra and small barely-there pink panties, with strap on sandals. Amber walked into the study and Michael looked up, taking in his daughters amazing beauty. He complimented her on her sexy outfit. She did a twirl for him, smiling. "You look very handsome too Daddy" she said. They got up and went to the garage. He helped her into his 2014 Bentley Continental and then got in himself. He drove them into town. Amber kept her hand on Michael's crotch the whole ride, holding and feeling his cock as she happily talked about her friends, her plans, and some of her favorite things to do. Michael let his daughter chat commenting here and there. She had a very bubbly personality that made him smile. The first place he took her was not to the mall, but to his wife's favorite adult store Red Desire. They had a large section of very slutty lingerie, the kind you can't buy at the mall. "Remember baby ... girl, call me Michael while we're out together." He got out and opened the car door for his daughter. He took her by the hand, and lead her into the store. The men in the store stared as the beauty walked into the sex shop, unable to keep their eyes off the sexy young teen. Amber was used to this attention, and smiled sweetly at the ogling men as she passed. Her eyes grew big as they passed the section of sex toys. So many types! she thought. Michael lead her to the section of very naughty swimwear and lingerie. Amber looked through some of them and was astonished by how revealing most of it was. Picking up a pink Wicked Weasel microkini she looked at it and said "Michael! This one would show my titties completely, and the bottoms would pull up into my cunt!" "Yes baby, it's very sexy. Why don't you try it on to see if it fits?" "Ok Michael!" she said. She went to the dressing room and quickly removed her clothing, then put the microkini on. It was really only a few strings. The top consisted of two triangles of pink material that went around her large tits, with no cloth in their middles. The bottom was simply a string that wrapped around her waist, and a second attached string that went down between the legs. It fit tightly, splitting her pussy lips and wrapping between her ass cheeks to meet the string at the back, where a cute lace butterfly sat, resting just above her ass cheeks. She looked at herself critically in the mirrors. She liked it! it looked great on her and felt ...