1. Amber's Family Part 6: A Week With Daddy

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Fiction, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Hardcore, Incest, Teen, Spanking, Author: Lover96, Source: sexstories.com

    good in her puss. She walked out proudly to show her father. Michael was greeted to the vision of his daughter, the tiny material making her look even sexier than she was naked. "I like it baby" he gruffly said as his cock began to stiffen in his shorts. Amber did a twirl for her father and then faced away from him. She straightened her legs and bent at the waist. This gave her father an amazing view of her cunt lips wrapped around the tiny pink string. Walking to his daughter he grabbed her hips and pushed her bubble ass into his groin. She coo'd at him and stood back up, resting her back on his chest. He reached up and began to fondle her ample tits. He began to slowly dry hump his sweet baby girl for about a minute, drawing quiet moans from her. "Ehh hmm!" a voice sounded behind them. Michael looked behind him and saw it was a slightly older, somewhat plump woman wearing business clothes. She wore a name tag that said Mary. With a smile on her face she said to him kindly "I know it's hard," looking down to his waist, then back up, "but it is our store policy to not allow intercourse on the premises." Michael noticed that all the other customers in the store had stopped whatever they were doing and were also looking at the two of them. Many of the men had noticeable hard ons in their pants. Michael chuckled and removed himself from his daughters sweet body. His daughter was embarrassed and her cheeks and chest were flushed. "Why don't you change out of that and back into ... your clothes baby." he said. "Yes Michael," she said quietly and quickly ran back to the dressing room. Michael turned towards the woman, his hard on clearly showing in his shorts. "Mary," said Michael "Can you suggest some naughty swimwear and lingerie that would fit my girlfriend's body type?" Mary stared at his hard member resting in his shorts. It seemed so big and long! she thought. After two seconds she looked back up to the handsome customer and smiled. "Of course, I would love to!" "Your girlfriend is quite beautiful and busty" she said "She has a very slim figure. Is she a model?" she asked. "No" said Michael, "but she probably could be." "I would recommend this piece here, she grabbed a small white microkini. "It is mostly see through, and when it gets wet, completely so. As you can see there isn't much material either." She handed the suit to Michael and continued guiding him, showing him more of the slutty pieces of swimwear. Amber exited the changing room, clothed in her light summer dress and went to her father and the saleswoman with the microkini in her hand. She gave it to Michael. The saleswoman turned towards Amber and gave her a warm smile. "Hello sweetheart!" she said, taking the young girls hand in hers. She began explaining to both of them about the various pieces of swimwear and lingerie. Soon Amber was feeling very comfortable and began to chat to the kind saleswoman about what might look sexy on her. Michael followed the two women around. They kept ...