1. Amber's Family Part 6: A Week With Daddy

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Fiction, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Hardcore, Incest, Teen, Spanking, Author: Lover96, Source: sexstories.com

    handing him pieces, each one very skimpy and sexual. Soon he was holding over 20 pieces of lingerie and swimwear. "I think this is plenty for today" said Michael to the saleswoman. "Yes, that should keep you barely clothed for a while!" said Mary to Amber. Amber kissed the sweet saleswoman on the cheek and thanked her for all her help. "Oh anytime I can help such a beautiful couple out, it's my pleasure to do so." she said. "Will you be needing any sex toys or aids today?" "No" said Michael, he didn't think his daughter needed anything else besides her small vibrator, and his wife and him had a large collection of toys, aids, and miscellaneous objects already at home. "Alright, lets ring you two up then" she said happily. Mary gave them a very good discount, telling them she liked to keep her good customers happy. Michael gladly paid on his card, and they left and drove away. "That was fun!" exclaimed Amber, as she rested her hand on her father's crotch rubbing his cock through his shorts. Michael took his daughter to the movies next, and they sat down in the back of the theater to watch the romantic comedy his daughter had picked out. As the movie progressed his daughter put her hand in his lap and again began stroking his cock through his shorts. Michael put his strong hand between his daughters legs and, pushing her tiny panties away, began to finger her wet cunt. Amber did her best not to moan as her father's expert fingers massaged her clit. Within minutes, he brought ... her to orgasm. she convulsed slightly for a few moments, then went still. Her breaths were quick and shallow. She began to jack his cock off faster through his shorts. Michael pulled his daughter's hand away from his cock as he began to get close to cumming. He could wait till they got home. Amber leaned over and whispered into her Father's ear: "Please Daddy, let me feel it. I promise I won't make you come, I just need to hold it." "Ok baby, go ahead." "She zipped his zipper down and stuck her small hands in his shorts, grabbing hold of his hard cockshaft. She sighed contentedly and held her favorite thing in the world while she watched the movie, slowly jacking it. The movie ended and Michael removed his daughters hand from his shorts, zipping them up. They got up and left. Michael drove them a short distance to Carla's. It was a sit down pizza restaurant And they ordered their food and drinks. Amber took her sandals off under the table, and ran her shapely foot up and down on her father's crotch as they waited for their food. They talked about Michael's work. The case Michael was currently working on was complicated. Amber only understood some of what he talked about, but happily listened to her father explain. Their food came and it was amazing. Amber had her favorite, ham and pineapple, and Michael had the combination. They ate till they were full, then he paid and left. On the ride back home Amber began again to run her hands on her fathers cock as he drove down the ...