1. The Rose Effect

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Group Sex, Lesbian Sex, Trans, Author: wheels1825, Source: xHamster

    DISCLAIMER AND NOTICE: This story has multiple elements from other works of fiction (videogames to be precise) This was done purely for story flavor, and in no way do I claim ownership of things that do not belong to me. SECONDLY: This story took a long time to write, so as a fair warning, it's quite long in it's current form, I reccomend planning ahead if you wish to read it all in one sitting. THIRD AND FINAL (I promise): After several inquires, I decided on a better story title. I also plan to continue on with this story a while longer. I'm thinking of how I want to map out the rest of it. Enjoy. October 31st, 2016. This past year and a half came and went pretty quietly. Day to day was just running the apartments, I toned down security since then as well, seeing as a fortress on the beach isn't exactly welcoming to someone who wants an apartment. I'm now 24, Mariah, Amber, and Summer are all 19. We all still fuck on a regular basis. Tiffany moved out about 4 months ago now, but she left me Ajax. Quite a few of the other tenants moved out as well, Ryan, Marcus and Jermaine are gone too, but now this place is jam packed since summer ended. I'll miss those guys, but oh well, everyone moves on sooner or later right? I havent spoken to Jack in a few weeks, but we still talk regularly. He still won't show me what all he's been up to. So I woke up around 8:30 or so, it was a little chilly but otherwise normal... almost. I looked up to find a gigantic ball of grey fur on top of ... me. It was fuzzy and warm. Out of curiosity, I poked it, and it shifted slightly. I had a hunch, but I was still confused, &#034Ajax?&#034 It whined, so I tried again, &#034Ajax? Time to get up bud.&#034 It was him alright, he started to get up, yawning and stretching. The moment he locked eyes on me he yelped, flew backwards off the bed, and flailed like crazy before he got up and darted into the bathroom to hide in the tub. Mind you, I'm still lying in bed spread out, topless, but I had a pair of boxers on. I sat up, still a bit dazed, and I called to him, &#034Ajax, was that you?&#034 He was whimpering, since when is this dog afraid of me? I slowly made my way into my bathroom, his tail was sticking out of the shower curtain. &#034What's the matter buddy?&#034 I pulled back the curtain. I'm not sure how, but he's now about five times his original size. That's a big puppy. &#034Ajax, what happened to you bud?&#034 I reached out and pet him, but he was still afraid for some reason. I tried to call Jack through my hud. Thankfully he answered &#034Yello?&#034 There was a lot of machinery running in the background, but I could at least hear him. &#034Hey, what's wrong with Ajax?&#034 &#034What do you mean?&#034 &#034I mean, why is my dog gigantic, and afraid of me?&#034 &#034Oh, thats probably a side effect from the dog food we sent you.&#034 Never a normal day anymore is there? &#034Are you serious?&#034 &#034Oh totally. Don't worry though, he's healthier than he's ever been. As ...