1. The Rose Effect

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Group Sex, Lesbian Sex, Trans, Author: wheels1825, Source: xHamster

    for the fear, I couldn't tell ya. I'm sorry we're in the middle of something, can I call you back?&#034 &#034Sure, I guess.&#034 It took me a while to finally get Ajax to even look at me. I think it might have been a form of culture shock? It's passed for now, so I'm gonna set that aside. He went out to the living room. As I came out of the bathroom, Amber was sitting on my bed, naked. &#034Hey, are you busy?&#034 &#034No, why?&#034 I went over and shut the door, then I turned to ask, &#034So what's up, and why are you naked?&#034 &#034Oh, well, you me, and fuzzy buns out there are the only ones here, but the other thing, I know you're getting really annoyed that Jack still won't let you completely into the loop, so to speak.&#034 &#034Yes, it's frustrating.&#034 She nodded, &#034Well, I want to tell you, I really do, but what I'm afraid of is that if I do, it'll just stir up more trouble, like before.&#034 She was completely calm, which told me she was serious. &#034There has to be someting you can tell me.&#034 She nodded, &#034Very little, if anything at all. Well you know, Summer and I are clones of you. Down to the molecular level. Unlike sci-fi clones like in the movies, I won't age any faster, or slower than you. My sex drive is exactly the same as yours was at 19, you pervert.&#034 She caught me looking her over, kinda hard not to, seeing as she's completely naked. &#034You're the one sitting here naked.&#034 &#034Yeah, and you're topless. I'm getting horny, so as ... soon as I'm done, we're gonna fuck.&#034 She crossed her legs, stroked her cock a little, and continued. &#034So, we were genetically engineered to be exactly like you in every way, shape, and form. The only reason Summer and myself are younger, is because of how long we were in our gestation tanks.&#034 I think I understood most of this so far. Of course I had questions, but I didn't want to interrupt. Still, I couldn't help but feel like this wasn't gonna have a sort of, happy ending, more or less, but maybe she'll tell me why they were sent here? &#034Normally, the scientists would have us brood in the tanks for varying amounts of time, which ultimately decided what age we would emerge at.&#034 I had to ask, &#034So, they made a whole bunch of clones of me? Why?&#034 &#034They wanted to perfect cloning. You were an excellent base to work from, so yeah, they made quite a few of us, with varying ages, theres even a clone of you at 40. Can you imagine how you'd look as a milf? You gain another couple inches, your waist line stayes about the same, but your boobs? Double D's woman, your boobs are fucking huge.&#034 I giggled a bit, &#034Is that all? I grow gigantic boobs?&#034 &#034Well, your waistline stays about the same, but your cock gets bigger too. Fucking hot. Anyway, Jack was the lead of this whole thing. He started Butler Industries, not long after you two started dating. They've been researching all the different fields of science, but genetics, robotics and cybernetics ...