1. The Rose Effect

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Group Sex, Lesbian Sex, Trans, Author: wheels1825, Source: xHamster

    were always his favorite.&#034 I completely forgot about the fact that she was naked, and her cock was getting a little hard, I was hanging onto every single word she was telling me. &#034Well, a few years ago, he sent a strand of your hair to their lab, and asked if they could try making a clone of you, they analyzed it, interesting enough, your dna was stable enough to work with.&#034 I was only piling up questions I wanted to ask, &#034So, why did he dissapear like that?&#034 &#034Well, when they finally released their first clone, he sealed all the data, age, weight, height, eye color, every little detail about you, down to the birth mark on your crown. He saved it on a hard drive, sealed it in an armored box, and tried to secretly send it all to the patent office in D.C, if it would have made it there, theres no telling the advances it would have brought about.&#034 That part, 'would have', that caught my attention more than anything, &#034What do you mean, would have? What happened?&#034 &#034Well, one of Jack's closest friends at the time, guy named Matt, he wanted to make the delivery. No one thought anything of it, we thought no one knew what we were doing. Well, our secret, wasn't so secret. Matt made it about halfway to the patent office in D.C., when he was attacked by a group of psychos. Long story short, Matt survived, but barely, and the idiots that attcked him, destroyed the data by accident. We only learned later that they were those VRU guys who've been ... giving you trouble now. They didn't get any of it, but when they figured out what we had done, they painted targets on the entire research team. Matt went into hiding, no one's heard or seen him since.&#034 I was starting to notice she mentioned 'we' several times now. &#034You keep saying 'we', how long have you been around?&#034 She looked at me with the straightest face I've ever seen. &#034I was the first clone. I was first released from my gestation tank, about 2 years ago now. Jack was with you up until the research team told him about their success.&#034 I was almost at a loss for words,&#034So when he heard about you, he left to go be with them?&#034 &#034Yes, only because the moment he heard, he became a target. He didn't want you to be targeted as well.&#034 I still had more questions, &#034So, what about you being here?&#034 She leaned back on her arms and uncrossed her legs. Her cock was still slightly erect and twitching, as if impatient. &#034Well, after about a month or so, he wanted to see if I could function in the real world, and that he'd be able to let you in a bit, without making trouble for you. It was around that time, that Summer was let out as well, so he sent both of us.&#034 I was glued to her face as she kept going. &#034We were given a car, a few hundred dollars, which mostly covered gas to get here, a few changes of clothes, and a warning.&#034 I had to ask, &#034What was the warning?&#034 Her face went straight, &#034That if we ever returned, we'd ...