1. The Rose Effect

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Group Sex, Lesbian Sex, Trans, Author: wheels1825, Source: xHamster

    be killed.&#034 I didn't know what to think or feel. My whole body went numb for a minute. &#034Why?&#034 &#034Because if VRU was hunting us, they'd follow us anywhere, and Jack didn't want the chance of VRU finding them, but now that we've been here for a year, it seems they gave up on watching us.&#034 I sat motionless for what felt like hours. As much as I wanted to be mad, I felt like I had to just accept it. Maybe someday this bullshit will be over with and I can have my boyfriend back. For now, I guess, I'l just continue on as I have been. Suddenly I was snapped out of la-la land by Amber kissing me, her hand behind my head. She paused for a moment, &#034It's ok though, maybe someday I can take you to see him.&#034 Then we locked lips again, and somehow, all my worry, and concern just vanished. I felt back to normal now. Well, whatever the hell 'normal' is for me anyway... Amber and I sat there kissing, I reached over to stroke her cock, she did the same. Minutes passed by like hours, I stood up and shoved Amber back on the bed. She spread her legs, I layed on top of her, and we kept kissing, our cocks rubbing together between us. We kept at it for a good while, she wrapped her legs around me, still hungry for my tongue, with our cocks dripping so much precum. I had an idea. &#034Hey, let me try something.&#034 I raised up enough that I slid both our cocks down between us, it took a second, but I wrapped our cocks past eachother, and we're more than long enough, my ... cock could reach her pussy, and hers could reach mine. We went in eachother easier than I thought. She was grinning from ear to ear, &#034You're such a pervert.&#034 I pecked her lips, &#034So, you're not complaining.&#034 She leaned up to my ear, &#034Of course not, now fuck me like the dirty slut we are.&#034 She didn't have to tell me, in no time at all I was railing in and out, she was just long enough not to slip out of me, which was perfect, this was too good to stop. We were kissing and fucking eachother, oh this had to look so hot. We were fucking like a****ls for so long, I lost track of time, but hell if I cared. Eventually, we were both getting ready to cum. She broke off the kiss for a moment, &#034You know we're gonna have to show this to Summer and Mariah right?&#034 I was still pumping away, &#034Yeah, and we're gonna have to have a foursome later, just between us?&#034 Amber pecked me quickly, &#034Maybe, talk to Mariah first, she's got an idea for tonight, I think you'll enjoy.&#034 We locked lips again, and I couldn't hold it anymore, we drove our cocks as deep as we could and just exploded. I was cumming for what felt like hours. we just spent god only knows how long, fucking eachother, and it ended with us giving eachother a creampie, at the same time. Once I stopped cumming, I looked at Amber, our faces were flushed red, and we were breathing heavy, I didnt want to pull out just yet, so we laid there kissing a little longer, our cocks twitching inside ...