1. Mistress Sarah fucks Evie Chapter 4

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Crossdressing, Author: Maid2frill, Source: LushStories

    I knelt by the door, anxious for the arrival of my Mistress. I could feel my arse pulsing around the butt plug in anticipation of what was to come. As I knelt and waited I could smell the pretty floral scent of the perfume that I had sprayed on my neck earlier. I felt soft and girly from all the day's events. I was in a prime mode to be fucked like a sissy. Even though I was not touching my cock, it was pulsing and hard with arousal. I was both excited and nervous about being fucked. I heard a car pull up and faint voices outside. Mistress Sarah approached the door. My heart pounded in my chest and my cock pounded with its own heartbeat inside my panties. The door pushed open Mistress Sarah walked in. My excitement and submissiveness suddenly intensified like a blazing inferno. Mistress Sarah handed me a £20 note and said, “I told the driver you would go out and pay him.” Rising to my feet, I said, “Yes Mistress.” Walking towards the waiting taxi, I could hear Mistress Sarah running upstairs. As I reached the driver’s door, his window was wound down; it was the same guy as earlier. “You’re a bloke, aren’t you?” he said I could see the outline of his cock hard in his trousers; it seemed he liked what he saw. The day had taken its toll on me and I replied, “I’m a sissy, my name is Evie. I belong to Mistress Sarah.” I passed him the note, and he handed me back the change and included a card. “That’s my private number on the back. Give me a call sometime,” he said. I didn’t ... reply, but I did walk quite slowly back towards the house. I even pulled my dress up just a little, allowing him to see my stocking tops. Just as I reached the door I heard him pull away. Looking up, I saw Mistress Sarah standing there. She had changed her clothes and was wearing a black basque, stockings and very high heels, but what really caught my eye was the size of the strap-on she was also wearing. It must have been 12” long and very thick. Mistress Sarah just stood there with her hands on her hips. “You really are a cock teasing little slut, aren’t you my Evie? I saw you swishing your arse and showing him your stocking tops,” Mistress said. “I’m sorry Mistress. I couldn’t help myself. He gave me his private number Mistress,” I said, handing her the card. “That’s okay, princess,” she said. “You keep it, just make me one promise. Ask my permission before you call him.” “Yes Mistress.” “Anyway,” Mistress said. "Where's my fuck bitch? I've got a nice big cock for you!" Before I could even think to respond, Mistress Sarah grabbed the back of my head and ordered, "Suck my cock you sissy!" I dropped to my knees, pushing the door shut behind me. Her strap-on pushed into my mouth and she started fucking me. Having no experience with sucking a strap-on this size, I struggled to keep up and gagged. Mistress Sarah was full of lust and she was in a semi-drunken state from a night of fun. She was in no mood for patience. She continued fucking her slut's mouth, ordering me to keep up. ...