1. Mistress Sarah fucks Evie Chapter 4

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Crossdressing, Author: Maid2frill, Source: LushStories

    "Come on, bitch. You can do it!" Mistress almost screamed at me. This was not how I’d imagined this part of the night starting. Everything was happening so fast and furious. It was not the slow gentle introduction to a strap-on that I’d fantasized about. But to my surprise Mistress Sarah's forcefulness and commanding words took me into a heightened state of arousal and submission. My cock was fully erect and throbbing. My panties pressed the hot flesh of my hard cock against my stomach. I could feel my arse muscles pulsing against the plug still in my arse. I felt like a total whore and I loved it. As soon as I was able to keep up with Mistress' rhythm she increased her pace. To get more leverage she placed her left foot up on a chair that was next to me, held the back of my head firmly and fucked my mouth even harder. "Good bitch. Your pretty red lips look sexy around my cock. Keep sucking, sissy. Get my cock nice and wet for your sissy arse." I felt completely used and at her mercy. Sucking her cock and keeping up with her rhythm was the only thing my simple mind could focus on at the moment. I was nothing but a fuck-toy. Mistress Sarah could see the lust and hunger in my face and body language. Her pussy tingled at the sight of my helplessness and arousal. Mistress Sarah whispered just loud enough for me to hear, "It's so sexy to see you suck my cock like that. Let's move into the bedroom." It was hard for her to pull away but she knew that was best. She did not want to ... wear me out to early. She told me to follow her to the bedroom on my hands and knees. I was made to kneel in the center of the bed. Mistress Sarah reached beneath me and squeezed my cock through my panties. Then she asked, "Enjoying yourself, slut?" "Yes, Mistress." Mistress Sarah continued to tease my cock. She inhaled deeply and observed, "You smell very pretty. You must have enjoyed my perfume. How was your night of girl indulgence?" "Incredible, Mistress. I had so much fun. Thank you for letting me go through all your things." "A girl has to learn somewhere, right? Isn't being in my world so much more exciting and fun than the boring guy world?" "Yes, Mistress." "I love to play with soft pretty girls, Evie. You will be that for me right, Evie? You want to play with me and please me don't you?" I was completely aroused and entranced by Mistress Sarah. My mind was mush and I wanted to do whatever pleased her. "Yes, Mistress. I want you so bad. I am a soft pretty girl ready to play with you." Mistress Sarah's hands slid down to my balls. She squeezed my balls firmly causing me to gasp. Her tone became firmer when she spoke, "You're not a pretty girl just yet. You're my sissy bitch, Evie." Mistress Sarah laughed and then stood to the side of the bed so that her strap-on was right at my lips. "Time to suck my cock again sissy," announced Mistress Sarah. "Come on slut, show me what you got." I obeyed and went down on Mistress Sarah's strap-on. Little-by-little I took the cock ...