1. Mistress Sarah fucks Evie Chapter 4

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Crossdressing, Author: Maid2frill, Source: LushStories

    into my mouth. It was a much different experience than at the bottom of the stairs. I had time to think about what I was doing. All the day's events had mentally put me into a girl frame of mind. I became a whore. I wanted to be a good cock sucker. I licked and sucked the strap-on as sexily as I could. "That's good, sissy," complimented Mistress Sarah. Her compliment encouraged me on. Mistress Sarah ordered, "Look at me while you are sucking my cock." I looked up. I felt slutty staring into her eyes. She had a look of arrogance and smugness that brought out the whore in me. Mistress Sarah started to slowly fuck my mouth while I sucked. "That's a good bitch. You'll make a good fuck toy, Evie." Mistress Sarah knew what she was doing. Making me look up at her, straightened the angle of my neck and throat. I could feel the tip of her cock just touching the back of my mouth; little by little she eased further in. I gagged a little, but by now I would do anything to please my Mistress. I could feel her cock slowly slipping deeper into my throat. Before long my nose was touching her belly, and I had her full 12” in my mouth and throat. “Now that’s what I call a good cock sucker,” said Mistress Sarah “Just a shame this is only a strap-on and you’re not going to feel the experience of warm cum jetting into your mouth. I do know a couple of very well endowed guys though. Maybe one day I’ll have them both over, so you can see what a real man can do for a sissy like you.” Very slowly and ... carefully she pulled her cock from my throat and mouth. I was sorry to lose that feeling. “And now my little sissy I’m going to fuck you in your tight little sissy pussy,” Mistress said. She reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out a smaller dildo, about 8”, slipping it into her wet pussy a couple of times, she then handed it to me. “This might hurt a little first time baby, so here’s something for you to bite on,” she said, with a wicked smile on her face. I didn’t care if it was going to hurt; I eagerly slid that dildo into my mouth and sucked her juices from it. Mistress Sarah got onto the bed behind me and slid my panties down off my arse. I felt the plug in my arse sliding out. My heart started pounding in my chest knowing that one of my most sought after fantasies was about to happen. My cock throbbed with excitement. I heard Mistress Sarah say, "I'm going to enjoy fucking your tight little sissy pussy." Then I felt her strap-on push into my arse. Wearing the plug all day, kept my arse stretched so that her initial entry was not too startling. However, as she pushed in deeper it stretched my insides and I tensed and moaned. My moan was muffled by the dildo still in my mouth. "Relax, bitch," instructed Mistress. "Take it like a good sissy." Mistress Sarah rested for a moment with her strap-on about 1/3 the way into her sissy's boy pussy, allowing me a moment to get used to the fullness. Then she pulled back and then pushed in again going deeper than the last time. ...