1. Mistress Sarah fucks Evie Chapter 4

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Crossdressing, Author: Maid2frill, Source: LushStories

    I continued to moan in discomfort. Mistress Sarah coached me with a firm commanding tone, "Focus, Evie....relax and take my cock in. Come on slut; show me what you’ve got." Mistress did not ease up. I had no choice but to open up to her and accept her. Her rhythm picked up just as I was getting used to the fullness. A new carnal pleasure filled my insides and overtook my mind as she fucked me. Now fully into fucking me, Mistress yelled in a half moan, "Yes...you are my bitch now, Evie. You belong to me. You are my fuck toy...This is your life now." I enjoyed being conquered both mentally and physically by Mistress. I surrendered to her completely. "Yes, Mistress. I am your bitch," I proclaimed between deep breaths of pleasure. "You're just getting started, bitch," said Mistress Sarah. She pushed her strap-on deeper into my arse and began fucking me harder. I felt so dirty and twisted and whorish being fucked. The naive man that existed many months ago was nowhere to be found. My altered image was feminine, slutty, submissive and desperate to be used. I was her slave, her bitch, her sex toy to be played with as she desired. My urges were raw and primal and I was turned on by every desecration and was eager for more. The fast and continuous fucking and verbal torment from Mistress Sarah left me in a mindless state. There was no opportunity to think. I just kneeled, opened myself up for her pounding and surrendered to the dark pleasures. After several minutes of the fucking, ... Mistress pulled her cock out and ordered me to roll over onto my back. Once on my back, Mistress Sarah grabbed my legs and forcefully pulled me towards the edge of the bed. I felt powerless. She ordered, "Spread your legs whore. I'm going to fuck you just like a girl." I did not speak. I just obeyed. I spread my legs, opening myself up for her strap-on. Mistress Sarah grabbed my ankles, held my legs wide and thrust her strap-on into my arse. I tilted my head forward so that I was looking at Mistress fucking me. “That’s it, slut,” Mistress Sarah whispered. "Look at your Mistress. Isn't she sexy? I’m fucking you like a slutty bitch. You are a sissy bitch, aren't you?" "Yes, Mistress." I moaned. Mistress Sarah was right; she looked powerful and sexy, thrusting between my legs. The erotic image of the pleasure on her face and her hard nipples and firm tits bouncing was burned into my mind. Mistress Sarah reached down and squeezed my cock and said, "Your clitty is very hard, Evie." She stroked my cock while she fucked me. The pleasure was intense. My insides were full of erotic fire as Mistress Sarah's cock pushed in and out of my boy pussy. The thought of being fucked on my back had never occurred to me before. This strange twist thrilled me. I became a girl with my legs spread, my pussy filled, and my clitty throbbing. The mental domination as well as the pleasure in my arse and the stroking of my cock was too much for me to handle. An orgasm was building fast. I pleaded with ...