1. Sex With Granny Jane, Lesbian Edition

    Date: 6/18/2017, Categories: Lesbian, Author: SeanR83, Source: LushStories

    Granny Jane sat in her garden, breathing in the summer breeze. She wore a lime green bikini that contrasted well against her lightly tanned body. She loved the summer, and sitting in her garden sunbathing was a great way to pass the time. Granny Jane was in her late forties; her blonde hair had recently been cut a little and her grey-blue eyes seemed to twinkle more. She had a small nose that sat above a thin, glossy-lipped mouth with pearly white teeth. She was a picture of beauty and looked a lot younger than her actual age. She was known as Granny Jane because she was everyone’s favourite granny, even though she didn’t have any children. Her children were the children of the neighbourhood, many of whom she had watched grow up. Even the women her own age called her Granny Jane, a title she seemed to like. The warm air always made Jane feel horny and it wasn’t long before her hand slipped inside her bikini bottoms. She slowly started to rub her pussy, feeling a slow pleasure build up. It was making her sweat, and it wasn’t from the heat of the day. ------ Molly sat in her garden reading a book; the warm summers day always made her feel lazy. She wore her school uniform, a tartan pleated skirt and a white blouse. She had not bothered to take them off after school, deciding it was better to read with a glass of her mother’s home-made lemonade. Molly was sixteen with beautiful Latin looks. She had dark brown hair that curled naturally down to her backside. She loved her hair ... long and had refused to cut it for some time now. She had dark eyes and a beautiful doll-like face; in short, she was gorgeous. She had a sweet young body, flat belly, a round ass and soft 32b breasts. Recently she had been experimenting with herself. Touching and playing with her young body, exploring her sexuality. Things easily made her wet and horny; pictures she looked up on Google images were the best. She searched naked boys and would get turned on by their big cocks, but what really turned her on was pictures of girls. The feminine form seemed to make her pussy get instantly wet and she often masturbated as she browsed the pictures. She wondered if she was bi-curious, curious or a full-on lesbian. She didn’t know. She had never had any real sexual experience with another person, but she knew that if she was given half the chance, she would. She heard a moan and looked up from her book. She heard another one and giggled to herself. She got up from her seat and slowly kicked off her shoes. She walked to the partition fence between her garden and the garden next door. She peered over the fence to see the beautiful next door neighbour playing with herself. Molly lived next door to Granny Jane and knew her very well. Often, as a child, Granny Jane had looked after her, taken her on outings, and had been an all-around role model for the young girl. Molly held her breath as she watched Granny Jane pull at the string of her bikini bottoms. She pulled it from between her legs ...